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Friday, February 23, 2007

Operation Prayer Shield

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AFSI announces the launching of ‘Operation Prayer Shield’ and ‘Days of Prayer and Action’ to unite Jews and Christians in support of the threatened communities of Judea and Samaria and the preservation of the biblical sites. Please read the material below and join us in this effort by forwarding this information and signing on your church or synagogue.

Operation Prayer Shield

Operation Prayer Shield has been initiated to gather an army of Jews and Christians together for the purpose of praying about the Biblical and Political developments surrounding Judea and Samaria.

Presently, Judea and Samaria is the biblical heartland of Israel. It houses more than 200,000 Jewish people and is known in the scriptures as “The Mountains of Israel.”

Governments inclusive of the United States, Britain, European Union, United Nations, and surrounding Arab Nations are working feverishly toward a plan that will territorially remove Judea and Samaria from Israel and place it in the hands of the European Union Peace Keeping Force until it becomes the Palestinian homeland.

The plan not only mandates the removal of all the Jewish communities from Judea and Samaria, but it also places all Biblical Holy Sites under Islamic control. To date Islam is claiming all the Biblical sites as their own and rewriting the history of each one.

Today, within the boundaries of the ancient landmarks are thriving communities resurrected by G-d Himself as a continuing living testimony that His WORD is infallible. Ezekiel 36 among hundreds of passages states that G-d will bring His people back to the Land given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that He will settle them in Judea and Samaria never to be plucked up again.
As bible believing Christians and Jews how can we get involved in sanctifying G-d’s Name and His testimony existent in the land of Israel and throughout the earth?

We can pray. Join with us for Operation Israel Prayer Shield. We will provide your congregation with a monthly information page on each Biblical Site and the thriving community at each site today. We will also provide an article and prayer points that can be shared by the pastor or appointed leader to engage the congregation in prayer for Israel.

From: Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI

Re: Days of Prayer and Calls to Action in Support of Israel’s Biblical Heartland

President Bush’s State of the Union Speech was a reaffirmation of the administration’s misguided “Road Map” policy for “Peace in the Middle East.”

The policy requires that Israel relinquish Judea and Samaria – the so-called West Bank – to the Arabs for the establishment of a PLO state.

It would appear that the U.S. State Department is encouraged to revive the “Road Map” – knowing that they are dealing with the weakest government ever to lead the Jewish State.

Military experts over the last several decades have recognized that Israel would find it nearly impossible to survive if an enemy were to occupy the mountain areas of Judea and Samaria.

For the Bible-believing community, the “Road Map” is unacceptable for reasons that transcend strategic interests.

The names and places so familiar to students of scripture are the names and places of Judea and Samaria.

Those communities include but are not limited to:

Hebron Genesis 21:1,2

Kiryat Arba Genesis 21:1,2

Maon Samuel I 25:2

Carmel Samuel I 25:2

Bethlehem Samuel I 16:1

Efrat Genesis 35:16

Beth El Genesis 35:16 Samuel I 16:1

Shilo Samuel I 1:3

Elon Moreh Genesis 12: 5, 6


AFSI is proposing a series of Days of Prayer and Calls to Action in support of the threatened communities in Israel’s Biblical Heartland.

All of the communities in the Biblical Heartland are threatened with expulsion and destruction as we saw in Gush Katif.

‘Land for Peace’ (as embodied in the U.S. plan called the ‘Road Map’) is a real threat.

It is our hope that the collective prayers of Israel’s friends will be answered and the message of Christian concern these days exhibit will favorably influence decision makers in Washington.

If we are successful, the United States can play a vital role in saving the Biblical Heartland from the spreading threat of Islamo-fascism.

We look forward to seeing the calls to action spread across the country from church to church, raising a loud voice of support for the Biblical Heartland of Israel.


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