Monday, February 19, 2007

Compromise is Suicide

Unfortunately, we Jews, as a group, suffer from a terrible inferiority complex. It's known as the "ghetto mentality."

We try to be nice. We want to be liked, and we think that compromise is the path to approval by others.

Those of us who disagree and see no reason to beg for the "affection" of other nations are called "dangerous right-wing extremists" and worse. The media and ruling politicians never waste any opportunity to warn the public that we will cause war and endanger the nation. And, unfortunately, the public believes them. That's the nature of most, following whomever seems strong. That's why our politicians want Rice and Bush to tell them what wonderful brave leaders they are when they are leading us to possible destruction, G-d forbid.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a good example of the dangers of compromise. Jerusalem is our holiest city, and the Temple Mount, Har HaBayit, where our Holy Temple stood, is the holiest place of all.

The Christians and Moslems consider Jerusalem one of their holy cities, not the holiest by a long shot. What attracted them to Jerusalem originally? They wanted their theology to replace Judaism as the means to worship the "One G-d." Both of those religions adopted our Ancient Biblical History and then added to it. Judaism is the original. They only claim our holy sites as theirs, because those sites' original holiness is Jewish.

As long as we survive, we show them as failures.

In today's Jerusalem, Jews pray by what's known as "The Western Wall," HaKotel HaMa'aravi. It is not the holiest spot for Jews; it's just an outer wall of the Temple Compound as expanded by Herodian. Developing the actual Temple Compound by Jews would be very complicated, though far from impossible. The rabbis and community leaders, also in pre-state times, decided that "sharing" the Old City with the Moslems was the easiest way; that's compromise.

Whoever thinks that the Arabs will be satisfied with our precious Har Habayit is mistaken. There are Arab leaders now preaching that the Western Wall is Moslem, too.

At the same time, the Vatican is pushing to take over Mount Zion. They're trying to make deals, big money deals. Last year we managed to stop it, but the Vatican keeps trying. They want the alleged location of the "Last Supper," but honestly what was that "supper?" It was the Passover seder conducted in a place holy to Jews, near King David's Tomb. And why did Jesus eat there, if he actually did eat there? He was a Jew. After his death, his followers developed a new religion around him.

Israeli Leftists keep saying that the Arabs will give us peace, if we just give them some of our land. The major problem with that theory is that the Arabs themselves haven't promised peace in exchange for the land the Leftists are willing to give over. They keep repeating and repeating that they want all of Israel, to the last inch or centimeter, which is actually smaller.

Compromise won't work! It will only cause destruction. It is suicide.

In just under two weeks is Purim. In Shiloh we read the Megillah four times, since we celebrate the holiday for two days, rather than one. I've become quite familiar with the narrative after twenty-five years of quadruple readings.

The captive Jewish People joined King Achashverosh in his celebrations, compromising their religious precepts, thinking that it would ingraciate them with the rulers. But what happened? Were they safe?

We all know the answer. Haman schemed to get King Achashverosh's approval to murder, destroy every Jew, young and old.

G-d saved us by "Hester Panim," His Hidden Face. He "arranged" things, so that Mordechai and Ester were in the right place at the right time.

Mi shenichnas Adar, marbim b'simcha!
When the month of Adar begins, joy is increased.
Chodesh Tov and Chag Purim Sameach!


David Ben-Ariel said...

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Batya said...

I see that you're a multi-blogger and presume that you mean these links as agreement with my post.

Anonymous said...

very accuratrer as to what evil religious leaders are planning in conjunctiomn with NWO Eu. and others, but you failed to mention,that Evangelicals, Messianics and other Israel minded christians, are opposed to those who connect with Vatican in anyway as they consider them [vatican] as [the whore of B abylon] and anathema....these christian groups I spoke of are joined ubto Judah, as Ephraim...Eid ben Tzafenyah