Friday, January 5, 2007

Don't sit home kvetching!

From a recent poll by IMRA of Kadima voters, the majority wouldn't vote for them again.

If elections were held today what party would you vote

Kadima 39.4%
Likud 4.5%
Labor 1.5%
Beiteinu 6.1%
Won't vote/white slip 6.1%
Haven't decided 42.4%

Remember that Kadima is a new political party, established before last year's elections, and it quickly filled its slots with opportunists from various existing parties. It has no unifying ideology besides riding the "coattails" of the now comatose Arik Sharon after he showed his stuff by expelling thousands of innocent, law-abiding citizens from their homes and destroying their businesses and social structure. This was the 21st century version of "cutting off the payot" of the very religious new immigrants, as was done in the early days of the state.

One of the tools Sharon used to enforce his Disengagement policy was to fire cabinet ministers who strongly opposed it and to jail Israelis who demonstrated against it. Some of those jailed for months on end were teens who did nothing illegal. Read about Chaya's terrible legal quagmire.

Olmert has continued utilizing totalitarian laws against his opponents. Over twenty innocent citizens have been banished from their homes without the government proving that they've broken laws. It's harassment, plain and simple.

Every Saturday evening at 20:00 there is a demonstration

against General Yair Navei
protesting the expulsion orders he signed against the 20 Jews from the
Maachazim, hilltop communities,
-get people to come!

Place: 28
Yehuda Halevi St, Givat Shmuel.
Drive into the Delek petrol station on the
north-bound carriageway of the Geha 4 road,
after the Givat Shmuel interchange
and before the Petah Tikva interchange.
Then drive out of the 'rear' side of the
petrol station into a square. Yehuda Halevi St is opposite you - it is a one-way
street with the traffic direction against you.

thanks yoni


benning said...

Was it Likud and Labor as the big parties before Sharon took power? I'm afraid my sights are set on Republicans and Democrats. I would be supporting a fairly conservative party, were I an Israeli. Looking toward defense of the nation and the people as opposed to appeasement.

Which party stands for that?

Batya said...

Yes they were, and Sharon ran on a strong Likud defense and settlement platform.

Then his legal problems and his sons' legal problems got worse. He and Olmert became good friends and gave birth to Disengagement.