Friday, January 12, 2007

If I hadn't heard it with my own ears...

I'm still in shock, sick to my stomach over what I heard on Israel's Channel 1 TV.

Wednesday night, as part of the "Six Months Since the Second Lebanese War," there was a long program broadcast from up north to discuss the war and the present situation on the Lebanese border.

It was a reasonably well-done feature which combined old clips, new interviews with ordinary people and top army officers. The TV co-hosts were two women, Geula Evan and another whose name I don't know, though she's on TV as a presenter all the time. They seemed less inhibited about asking tough questions of the officers than men generally do. I noticed this when Galei Tzahal's Carmela Menashe was on TV.

The male journalists are too personally involved with the army; it's sort of like a conflict of interests. But the women see things from a bit more distance and aren't defending their own military involvement when they ask questions.

One of the main questions they asked (which I remember Carmela Menashe also asking) was:

What did the war accomplish?
Lucky for him, I don't remember who he is, but he answered:

Now we have thousands of foreign troops up north to defend us.
I kid you not!

Think about it. Israel's ruling politicians and military officers don't want Israel to be an independent country. They want to be a protectorate of some other power.

I don't think that this is a recent phenomena. If we go back to the pre-state history, the Haganah and Palmach were more concerned with protecting the Jews from the Arabs than getting the British to leave and end the Mandate. Only the Etzel and Lechi fought the British with the aim of complete Jewish independence. That explains why the leaders of the Haganah and Palmach had no moral qualms about turning in their fellow Jews to the British during the "sezon."

Today innocent, patriotic Jews who oppose the government are prosecuted, jailed and held in house arrest. All they want is a strong, independent Jewish country.
Apparently that's illegal.

IMHO, I'd say that asking foreign troops to defend us is immoral and should be illegal!

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach!


goyisherebbe said...

I think the other woman was Keren Neubach. What, you haven't got the message that television makes you sick? Get rid of it right away. Or keep it in an office locked up for exclusive use of your husband in his work. You don't need the grief.
We figured out a long time ago that the regime is evil.
You know what a datla"sh is? Dati leshe'avar/ formerly religious?
Well, we are tsala"sh mamla"sh -- tsioni/mamlachti leshe'avar/ formerly religious-nationalist.
After the expulsion I would have happily bought a hat except the hareidim behaved badly as well. I'm still a member of Manhigut Yehudit. I still trust Moshe Feiglin and co. but with my fingers crossed.
But really only Hashem can help us and I wonder if he will bother when we are doing ourselves in at this rate.
By the way there is no escape by leaving the country since America is also on the skids. All the Jews who care about the Torah and the Jewish people have to come here and pray and learn Torah and fight for truth and justice.
Not merely the government but the entire evil, stupid regime must go.
May it only not be by violent means.

goyisherebbe said...

The ruling elite have always preferred protectorate status to being a people who dwell alone. That is why, despite the booming economy, we still receive the US aid which goes to American arms with strings attached instead of producing our own, which would be of better quality, producing Israeli jobs, but would require emuna.

Batya said...

thanks for the extra info

Anonymous said...

could it be?
The true aim of the Haganah/Palmach/labor leadership was that of a "protectorate" as part of the British Commonwealth, rather than a truely independent self-sufficient state.

yitz said...

It's interesting that the pre-State pattern has pretty much continued throughout Israel's history: Hagana, Palmach = Labor [with Mapai thrown in for good measure]; while Etzel, Lechi = Likud [except for Sharon, who started out with Mapai & apparently never really LEFT it!].
As to GR's comments, "we never lost it!" That is, we never put so much trust in a secular Israeli gov't & so much Emuna in the "Kochi v'otzem yadi" belief that people had with Tzahal. Now all of those beliefs are crumbling, as Hashem is paving the way for Moshiach to come. There's only ONE thing we can believe in now, isn't there?

Batya said...