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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Ynet Goofed!

The editors of Ynet, an Israeli internet news service, left out the Gil (Retirees) Party on their Election Page. The sidebar has a listing of the "safe" or "realistic" parties, and the Retirees, which ended up with seven seats, isn't among them. It does include three others, which had never gotten enough votes to pass the "threshold."

Take a look:

The Parties
Ale Yarok
Chairman: Boaz Wachtel
Green Party
Chairman: Pe'er Visner
Israel Our Home
Chairman: Avigdor Lieberman
Chairman: Ehud Olmert
Chairman: Amir Peretz
Chairman: Benjamin Netanyahu
Chairman: Yossi Beilin
National Union – NRP
Chairman: Benny Elon
National Jewish Front
Chairman: Baruch Marzel
Chairman: Eli Yishai
Chairman: Ron Leventhal
United Arab List – Ta'al
Chairman: Ibraim Sarsur
United Torah Judaism
Chairman: Yakov Litzman

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