Sunday, April 2, 2006

Now's the time to relax and pray

One of the most dangerous places to be is in jail, surrounded by violent, impulsive, immoral people, who consider themselves above the law. Considering the "birth" of the Israeli Kadima Party, I wouldn't like doing business with them either. It was started by politicians from various parties who decided they could get a better deal by escaping with the "jewels" of their previous parties. The "jewels" are the Knesset seats and ministerial positions. Arik Sharon and Ehud Olmert were not personally elected to the Knesset. They were on the Likud list, but they had no compunctions about taking their Likud seats and changing the name. They stole the votes.

The Labor Party is being led by Peretz, who never thought twice about paralysing the country in expensive "workers strikes" which cost us a fortune in lost work time, closed ports, undelivered goods, etc.

Now, it seems like these guys, Olmert and Peretz have to negotiate a coalition. And once they do, they have to add more politicians. It should prove interesting and entertaining.

So there's nothing left for me to do but relax and pray.

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