Sunday, April 9, 2006

Additional comments from Anita Tucker

This is a continuation of Anita's report about the new "temporary neighborhood" being built for the Disengagement victims, also known is "expellees."


The really amazing thing is that as I walked around the caravilla site and spoke to different people of Neve Dekalim who were fixing up their caravillas--no one immediately complained about the problems --they all said BE"H everything will be OK and gave warm smile. Only when I pried about whether all was ok in caravilla and with their belongings from the storage containers did endless stories start pouring out.

Perhaps our problem is that we're such heroes and we suffer all this evil destruction relatively silently -other than a few, barely heard out of our own circle voices, like you, me and and a few -count them on your fingers- tips.

Again we must get our act together somehow --politics obviously was not the answer. We must think harder more dynamically and come up with something --.

Despair is destructive in and of itself . Only answer seems to be that it is leading us to just simple total faith in God without anymore Hishtadlut.

This is a difficult answer for me because in this world -I think Hishtadlut is our main tool other than prayer Klapei Shmaya. So we have to think of something to get our act together!


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