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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is it possible to "make peace?"

What's "peace?" Israeli politicians, diplomats and media have been proclaiming that we "must make peace." It isn't so easy, not like making a salad or anything like that. The alleged "peace partners" are a bunch of unrepentent . That's for sure.

And this is what they really think:
38) Concerning armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel,
I.. Strongly support 14.2% Support 38.2%Oppose 40.2% Strongly oppose 5.0%DK/NA 2.5%39)
Do you believe that armed confrontations so far has helped achieved Palestinian national and political rights in ways that negotiations could not achieve?
Definitely yes 24.0% Yes 42.9%No 25.4% Definitely no 5.7%DK/NA 2.0%
Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No. (19) conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during March 16-18, 2006.
Total size of the sample is 1270 adults interviewed face to face in 127 randomly selected locations.
Margin of error is 3%. www.pcpsr.org/survey/polls/2006/p19etables1.html ...--------------------------------------------IMRA - Independent Media Review and AnalysisWebsite: www.imra.org.il
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Now, honestly, do they want real "peace?" In real peace, we'd be living without fear, without terror. They would fully accept our existence. They don't want peace, and peace isn't up to us.

And concerning Syria, they still want to attack us for the Golan:
Syria Pledges to Restore the Occupied Golan

Quneitra, Southwest, April 17 (SANA- Syrian News Agency)-

Syria undertook today to restore the occupied Golan saying the independence, which was made by our people due to sacrifices and heroism, is now unaccomplished and our happiness is not complete." This will never be realized while the occupied Golan is under the occupation and since his folks want to go back to their houses and home as well as to their ancestors land . It is a legitimate right that should be made real by all available means," Assistant Regional Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Mohammed Said Bkhetan said in a ceremoney on the nationalday representing President Bashar al-Assad. Bkhetan delivered his speech in the liberated city of Quneitra, recalling back the Syrian Army and people, women and men's struggle, heroism and sacrifices to defend and free the home as well to attain independence, and stressing that Syria has been assuming a great and important role and bearing the Arabism flag." Since the occupation of the Syrian Golan, a number of the international legitimacy resolutions that call for withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories are issued. Syria has taken the just and comprehensive peace as her strategic option that guarantees right, preserves stability and stops the aggressor so she went to Madrid and agreed on the land for peace principle," he said." While Israel has always been turning a deaf ear to the international legitimacy; it didn't implement any of its resolutions," Bkhetan said, adding " Syria didn't let any political, diplomatic or legal means but to demand of her legitimate rights."He reiterated Syria's support to the Palestinian people's democratic choice and their right to return home, liberate their occupied land as well as establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. Regarding Lebanon, Bkhetan said that Syria has offered aid to Lebanon in the most critical circumstances to stop blood shedding and the civil war noting that she has contributed to enhancing Lebanon's identity, stability and sovereignty, " Bkhetan indicated, stressing that Syria will never give up her Arab belonging, national and pan-Arab responsibilities and will not stop between her and Lebanon but all brotherhood and cooperation. Syria won its Independence on the 17th of April in 1946 when the last French and British soldier left the territorial Syrian Arab Republic land.Syrians in all Syrian regions celebrated today the anniversary of Independence Day, the day in which the last foreign soldier left the country.For this occasion and under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad al-Quneitra branch for the Baath Arab Socialist Party held a mass rally with the participation of all social, economic and popular activities from all Syrian governorates.
Chousson A. Hassoun / S. Younes --------------------------------------------
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