Monday, April 3, 2006

Yes, interesting...

And Olmert thought he had it all sewn up
Also, Yisrael between, Lieberman's party is talking Peretz..
And the Likud isn't talking much, still paralyzed by the shock...
Of course the NRP of the NU-NRP is very comfortable with its old boss, Labor. They were always the ally to whomever was in power, and during the first twenty-nine years of the state, there was only one ruling party.

According to Israeli Law, the largest party doesn't have exclusive right to form the government, which gives Labor a chance. It's a matter of whoever can pull it off, pulls it off. And of course negotiations get more complex, the more parties involved, the more demands, the more differences...

The Retirees all come from the left wing, and they were very successful and "connected" in their working lives.

Extreme leftist party, Meretz, is still keeping its cards close to the chest, wise move.

So, no predictions from me. I'm going to sit back and watch the action. I did my job and voted. Now, I'll just pray that whatever government we get won't do any more damage.

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