Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just a few things...

Here's the carnival report, as of 7am, just hours before the "seder," festive and fully programed Passover feast begins.

Passover, Pesach, is also known as the "Holiday of Freedom, so it's fitting that we're in the latest Carnival of Liberty. Enjoy reading the variety of posts. And considering that Passover is a very expensive holiday, it's just perfect timing to be included in Festival of Frugality! Read it for some very practical ways to save money.

I don't have "all that much to do," which are famous last words, most probably it means that there will be some unpleasant surprise or miss-calculation. Yesterday I cooked the main courses and soup and Gefilte Fish. I also boiled the eggs and did tons of laundry; even more surprising was that I folded and sorted it already. There's another wash already in, and at most, I plan only two more. The light grey sky I see through the den window isn't very encouraging, but maybe it'll brighten and dry out enough to dry today's batches.

There's already broiled salmon for today's lunch, and I have to make side-dishes. My husband and son #1 will do the charoset, chrain (that's the horseraddish) and clean the lettuce leaves.

We're only having our three youngest, and daughter #3 is a small eater, so we really don't need much food. But if I don't make a ton, they'll think I'm "cheap" and lazy, so off I go to the kitchen.

But just before then, just another reminder to post and send me your links about kosher food, kosher cooking and kosher eating for the Kosher Cooking Carnival!

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