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Monday, April 24, 2006


On Shabbat, as I was leaving my neighbor's home, after the "shiur nashim," Women's Torah Class, I overheard a couple talking about the recent elections:

"I voted for Lieberman. Can you imagine, 700 voted for NRP in Shiloh."
"Amazing! How could they?"

I agreed to myself; the NRP, well, we all know what a nothing party they are. But the numbers made no sense to me. I couldn't remember them exactly, but I was sure that the NRP hadn't gotten so many. Suddenly it hit. Gevalt! I was one of those 700! It's just that I considered my vote to the Ichud Leumi--National Union, which had joined forces with the NRP--National Religious Party.

It's not that I saw any better party to vote for. Lieberman had stated that he was willing to give Land to the Arabs, just "less" than Olmert. And Bibi's Likud was no different. Marzel didn't show any true national leadership. So I voted for the NU-NRP.

I consider the NU-NRP to be the "Noah" party, "...and Noah was a perfect/righteous man in his generation..." Bereishit, Geneis VI, 9. The problem is that Noah only saved himself, his family and a selection of animals to reproduce, repopulate the world. He didn't save the world. And I'm afraid that "the best party" isn't capable of any more than Noah was.

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