Saturday, June 15, 2019

Jewish Israeli Blog Roundup Sivan, 5779, June, 2019

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I talk, not only blog
There are lots of people still blogging. I just wonder how many people actually still read blogs. Do you? Obviously "yes," or you wouldn't be reading this. But who comments? Who shares posts around to others? If you have any blogs to recommend, please do so in the comments, thanks.

The format I use for these roundups is just to list a bunch of blog post titles, embedded, so all you have to do is "click." Please tell me which you like or don't like. I'm only responsible for my own blog posts. Contents that I didn't write are the responsibility of the writer.

I also suggest reading other posts in the included blogs.

Enjoy, it's free!

The Jewish Book Carnival: June 2019
A Special Guy
Adventures on Public Transportation
Why are the Arabs Renewing Violence against Israel?
Playing with the Grave Issue of Conversion Annulment
Parshas Beha’alosecha – The Egg
Ruth, The Completed Jew
Double-Tweaked My Challah Recipe, Better Results
Booked in Jerusalem
If Gantz Had Been Able to Form Coalition, He Would Have
Human Rights Watch Confirms Palestinian Toddler & Mother Were Killed By Their Own, Not Israel
Just Dance!
Enjoying Jewish Month of Sivan, Tammuz is Next

Please remember to read, comment and share, thanks.


Mr. Cohen said...

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Mr. Cohen said...

How to Push Back against Israel’s Enemies:
by Mr. Cohen

[1] Do not buy newspapers that relentlessly attack Israel, like
The New York Times. Do not advertise in those newspapers.

[2] Buy products made in Israel. DO NOT give $ to HIAS!

[3] Relentlessly report anti-Jewish messages on social media:
FaceBook, YouTube, MySpace, Craig’s List, etc.

Ask Jewish friends and relatives to help you by also reporting
the same anti-Jewish messages that you report.

Volunteer with whose volunteers
get Jewish messages deleted from FaceBook and YouTube.

[4] Join the legal war between Israel
and its enemies by volunteering to help and or donating to them.

[5] Join the media war between Israel and
its enemies by volunteering to help or donating to:

If that is not possible, the at least visit these web sites often.

[6] Tell the ADL that they should fight for Israel and Jews,
not the Democratic Party and Political Correctness.

[7] Learn pro-Israel facts from blogs like: ElderOfZiyon,
SultanKnish, Israel-Thrives, and TelChaiNation.

Also listen to Prager University & Pat Condell on YouTube.

Batya said...


rutimizrachi said...

As always, Batya, thanks for keeping up the fight to shine a light on fellow bloggers. Not sure what's happening with the blogging world. Perhaps one-stop blogger platforms such as Times of Israel? I don't know. In any case, I always enjoy what you post here. Sometimes I comment; sometimes not. Life is certainly busy these days, b"H! Still, comments received or not, I wish everyone who risks expressing their thoughts success.

Batya said...

My pleasure Ruti. Keep blogging. I love your blog.

Neshama said...

Batya, thank you for including a post from my blog. As usual, I enjoy reading your blog as the topics are varied and always interesting. I still blog because I want to convey my views on a myriad of things, and receive feedback, not just in comments, that many value my voice. I don’t do the other social media venues because of the unscrupulous purpose behind them, not to mention the awful language one find abundant.

Batya said...

Thanks so much. I also find blogging a good way to express myself. Keep up the blogging; it's very important.

han said...

Always intéressé by thé quality of your blog and the ones you share. Thanks

Batya said...

Thanks so much, han, appreciate it