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Monday, June 10, 2019

Enjoying Jewish Month of Sivan, Tammuz is Next

We're now a week into the Jewish Month of Sivan, after celebrating Shavuot. The joyous seven weeks of holidays, and counting the Omer, when we celebrated a week of Passover, Israeli Independence Day and Jerusalem Day  are now in the past. Of course, we'll repeat the cycle next year Gd willing. Let's stay on that holiday high, because next month begins a more somber time on the Jewish Calendar.

Next month is the Jewish Month of Tammuz, and Tammuz leads to Av, which has the saddest day of the Jewish Year. But don't get depressed; it's too early. Rosh Chodesh Tammuz is a happy day. Actually it's doubly happy, since we celebrate it on the 30th of Sivan and the 1st of Tammuz. My Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayer Group has decided that we're praying together on Wednesday, the 30th of Sivan, July 3, 2019.

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Wednesday, the 30th of Sivan, 5779, July 3, 2019 at 8:30am, Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh. For more information email me shilohmuse@gmail.com, subject: Rosh Chodesh.

תפילת נשים בראש חודש תמוז תהיה יום ד', ל' בסיון, ,8:30 3-7-2019 בשילה הקדומה, תל שילה. לפרטים נוספים, shilohmuse@gmail.com subject: Rosh Chodesh.

We pray traditionally, silent prayers silently, and Hallel is sung together.  We hope more women will join us at Shiloh Hakeduma, Tel Shiloh.

It is agreed by Biblical and archaeological experts that Shiloh Hakeduma is the Biblical site. Every year during the archaeological seasonal digs, more artifacts prove it and give glimpses of life thousands of years ago. For more information, arrange special tours, events and more contact visit@telshilo.org.il, or call 02-5789111.


Mr. Cohen said...

The G*D-of-Israel is the one-and-only true God.

All of the gods of the Gentiles are
fictional, and false, and futile.

May the G*D-of-Israel smile on the Jewish women
who meet at Shiloh HaKeduma on Rosh Chodesh,
and may He answer their prayers. May He grant that
their numbers should only increase and never decrease.


Laureen Lipsky said:

“New York City has seen a huge increase
in anti-Semitic attacks, largely carried
out against religious Jews in Brooklyn.

Most of these incidents are ignored by the media.”


Anti-Israel Hate Marches Continue in
Europe and the West
by Laureen Lipsky
2019/6/6 (Laureen Lipsky is a pro-Israel
advocate living in New York and the
founder of Taking Back the Narrative.)



Given that the mainstream-news-media
ignored the increase in anti-Semitic
attacks in New York City, how can they
be trusted to report about Israel fairly?


Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

“I refuse to bend over backward
to single out Israel – or other
things Jewish – for super-scrutiny.

I refuse to gloat, as so many in academia and
the media seem to, over Israel’s shortcomings.”

SOURCE: Chutzpah
by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 7, page 211)
published in year 1991 by Little Brown & Co
ISBN: 9780316181372 ISBN: 0316181374


Given that the mainstream-news-media gloats
over Israel’s shortcomings, how can they
be trusted to report about Israel fairly?


If you want the truth about Israel
and the Middle East, then do not waste
your time with the FAKE NEWS
of The New York Times and the
Israel-bashing mainstream-news-media.

Instead, visit these web sites:









Mr. Cohen said...

Eric Starkman (a Los Angeles-based
writer and journalist) said:

“The mainstream media has abandoned
all pretense of objectivity.

Whereas in the past journalists viewed
themselves as unbiased chroniclers of
the news, their focus today is on
manufacturing it and dominating
the ensuing conversations.

A journalist’s influence today isn’t
determined by the quality or accuracy
of their reporting, but rather the size
of their Twitter following and the
frequency of their television appearances.”

Why Crown Heights Hate Crimes Aren’t Newsworthy
by Eric Starkman, 2019 February 17, in The Algemeiner


“But the Western press shows little
proclivity for reporting on topics
that might cast the PA [Palestinian
Authority] in a bad light.”

SOURCE: article by Sean Durns, 2019 March 6
The Media Only Cares about Palestinians If Israel Can Be Blamed


“Indeed, Palestinians rarely make an
appearance in The [Washington] Post,
unless it’s to serve as the perennial
victim — and this too is contingent
on portraying Israel, and only Israel,
as the oppressor.

When Palestinians suffer at the hands
of their leaders, the [Washington] Post
is nowhere to be found.”

SOURCE: article by Sean Durns,
2019 March 6 The Media Only Cares
about Palestinians If Israel Can Be Blamed



“[Rashida] Tlaib, a high-profile member
of Congress, has been caught following a
virulently anti-Semitic Instagram account
—and using her official account to do so.
Yet the press couldn’t be troubled to report it.”

SOURCE: The media goes to bat
for congressional anti-Semitism

by Sean Durns, 2019 March 20

Batya said...

amen, thanks