Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OurCrowd Boosts Messianic Christian Movement in Israel

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This week from April 27th through May 1st Israeli Messianic and Arab-Christian entrepreneurs will be gathered at "the Israel Business Forum", at Hotel Yehuda in Jerusalem, with the mission of economically empowering and developing the messianic Christian movement in Israel.
A conference in Jerusalem of this nature should no longer come as a surprise. This year in particular has seen a glut of major conferences in both Israel and abroad that demonstrate an open collaboration between Christian Zionist leaders and missionary and messianic leaders, which overtly focus on evangelizing the Jews and empowering the local messianic community in Israel.
What is newly alarming is that the highly reputable venture capital firm, OurCrowd, is sponsoring and partnering with this week's messianic Christian business forum alongside messianic-run entities…more


Anonymous said...

Please give us an equal measure of good news - I'm getting too depressed reading a very good blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, not to get depressed.

Just keep looking up at Hashem, and praying. Hashem is in charge. Not these bogus groups.
Hold on to Hashem.

I am Noahide, and holding on, for we have only Hashem. Baruch Hashem.

Batya said...

I am greatful for the excelkent wirk of Jewish Israel in pointing out the dangers.
Ellen thank you

Leah said...

Anonymous, it can only help to strengthen the fact that Moshiach is coming. It is very evident now. All the garbage is coming to a boil before it will be eradicated.

anita tucker said...

Hey folks,are we just going to groan or cheer in these comments or are we to do something? At least let's protest to those Jews who have enabled the empowering of missionary motivated messianic evangelicals in israel .In jerusalem!
Write to yehuda hotel owner,to Mr, jonathan Medved and to. "Our growd"...I easily found their details via google.It is important they know we are aware of the event and are terribly disappointed that money was more important than the chllul Hashem of such an anti jewish event in Jm.

Shiloh said...

Reincarnation!! Hope he has a bit more of rachmanus on us then we have had on him.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Medved, I think might be the brother of a radio talk show host in the US who speaks about his brother who lives in Israel and they are so involved with the evangelicals. They are supposedly 'religious' Jews. Not sure if this is the same person written about. We are living in the twilight zone where everything is upside down. Good is evil, evil is good and up is down and down is up. Only because the Erev Rav is in control in Israel, is this greatest of chilulei H' allowed to go on with such openess and pride, r'l. If Moshiach doesn't come soon, how will we be able to survive one day after the other - ONLY WITH EMUNAH SHLEIMAH!