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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just Amazed

It seems like many people who never read this blog like what I write. That's because I also blog on Arutz 7, Jerusalem Post, Don't Fence Me In and the Jewish Press. Those other sites get some of my articles but not all. A recent article of mine in the Jewish Press was liked/shared by over two thousand, yes, 2,000 people!! And tonight when I checked the six most popular blog posts on Arutz 7, I found that three, yes 3 are mine!

Now how can a get paid for my writing or invited to speak (for money)?


Anonymous said...

Shalom Dear Batya,

Perhaps you are just kidding regarding getting paid for your writing that makes sense and helps many who do not know what is what. (like me :) )

If you are serious, then just think how much good you are doing and your payment along with many blessings will come from Hahshem.

Who knows Hashem may just open up the right peoples minds to invite you to speak in public, and then hey will not That be great.
Thanks for all you do for your readers.
Hashem bless yo..

Batya Medad said...

Thanks, a, I'm grateful to be in a generation with free internet for so many and this opportunity. I did make the decision a number of years ago that it's better to blog than wait for some editor to decide whether or not to publish my work.