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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is There any Country in the World Like Israel with the Best Emergency Rescue Services?

Again Israel is proving itself the bravest most generous country in the world by sending the largest, most professional and amazing rescue team to Nepal. The aim of the team is twofold.

  • to search for and rescue Israelis in danger
  • to provide medical care and rescue to all they can reach
Gen. Strick said he’d received hundreds of applications from men and women of all professions and rescue groups who volunteered to be part of the rescue efforts in Nepal.
“We have set out on a mission that symbolizes all that the IDF stands for and we are greatly proud of this,” the general said.
The tiny Jewish state has one of the top disaster relief teams in the world. It's usually among the first to offer substantial aid to countries in distress from natural and other disasters. (CBN)

The IDF's humanitarian mission to Nepal is preparing to build Israel's largest ever field hospital, where somewhere between 200 patients will be treated daily. (MFA)

From the IDF Blog:
Day 4 (April 29)We completed the construction of the field hospital and began seeing our first patients. We treated 98 people by the end of the day!IDF Field Hospital in NepalWe welcomed a baby boy to the world, in the late afternoon.Baby born by Israeli Medical Team in Nepal

The efficiency and competence of the Israeli teams that has been sent out, and not for the first time., boggles the mind. As we all know, Israel is certainly not a large country. It is one of the smallest in the world. We have very few natural resources, other than intelligence and innate goodness.

Israelis take this for granted and even attempt to send rescue crews to countries that are far from being our allies and are best described as enemies. Are we crazy?

Another thing, why don't the larger and wealthier countries have rescue and quick to assemble field hospitals like ours or better?

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