Friday, June 7, 2013

What a Week! Obama's Choices and Turkey and Iranian Elections A La Latma

Let's start with Latma's news report from Turkey, Iranian elections and other tidbits.

Caroline Glick and her Tribal Update writers get it Right for sure.

Ruthie Blum thinks that things can't get much worse when it comes to United States President Obama,   Rice and Power can't make things worse, but in a rare move, I disagree.  I do agree with what Blum writes about Obama, Rice and Power, but I think it's dangerous to ever think that things can't get worse.   
"Indeed, Rice's appointment exemplifies the low-life political workings of the Obama administration: The better someone is at covering the president's tracks, the more he or she is rewarded for it. In Rice's case, this involved the Benghazi horror. After four Americans, among them Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in a carefully planned terrorist attack in Libya last Sept. 11, Rice wittingly and willingly became liar-in-chief for the White House and State Department. With gusto and disdain she hit the airwaves to perpetuate the bald-faced prevarication that the murders in Benghazi were the unfortunate result of a spontaneous Arab protest that had erupted as a result of an American-made video critical of Islam's Prophet, Muhammad.
Much as been written recently about what went on in Benghazi prior to the attack. One key theory is that the Obama administration had armed revolutionaries in Libya and Syria, and that Stevens was in the process of retrieving American weapons from Libyan jihadists when the policy was understood to be a bad one. It is believed that because Obama did not want any of this to emerge in time for it to harm his chances for re-election, he basically abandoned Stevens and the others to the killers. Whatever other facts come to light in the future, one is certain: A Special Forces rescue operation was not approved....

This is not the only reason for her promotion, however. Two others are equally relevant. One is that a presidential appointee for national security adviser is not required to obtain congressional confirmation. This means that Rice won't have to undergo any grilling that might expose her and her bosses' falsehoods.
The second is that, as national security adviser, Rice will enjoy the umbrella of the president's "executive privilege," granting her immunity from charges of contempt if she declines to testify in hearings on the Benghazi scandal.
Criticism of the Samantha Power nomination is centered on statements she made about Israel more than a decade ago. In 2002, when she was the director of Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Power gave an interview to University of California professor Harry Kreisler on a college campus radio show. When asked by Kreisler what she would advise the president if there were a serious human-rights crisis in "Israel-Palestine," she gave a glib answer indicating that she would support sending the U.S. military to protect the Palestinians from Israel." 

When people say that, it's like an eyin haraa causing things to davka get worse.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

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