Sunday, June 9, 2013

If "Netanyahu: Israel trusts only itself to protect its borders," Then Why Does Bibi Pay Attention to Foreign Leaders?

There is a very crucial inconsistency in Bibi's statements and policies.  Readers of my blog can easily picture me blogging something similar to this recent Israel Hayom headline:

Netanyahu: Israel trusts only itself to protect its borders
Shiloh Musings: Israel should trust only itself to protect its borders

I just wish that these words quoted from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu could be taken serisouly as Israeli policy.  It's because of statement like this, which frequently float very convincingly from Netanyahu's tongue that many people think of him as Right wing and expect his government coalitions to follow Right policies.

Unfortunately, I don't see Netanyahu's actual policies as following this:

"We discussed matters pertaining to Syria, where the situation is getting more complex by the day," Netanyahu said. "We saw just last week the fighting that took place near our border on the Golan. Israel will not interfere in the civil war in Syria, as long as the fire is not aimed at us."
The prime minister said Israel trusted only itself to protect its borders.
"The disintegration of the U.N. force on the Golan highlights the fact that Israel cannot place its security in the hands of international forces. They can be a part of [future] arrangements, but they cannot be the basis of Israel's security," he said.

He keeps trying to get reassurance and praise from foreign leaders.  We need a leader like King David who rejected conventional military strategy and insisted that his secret weapon was G-d.  That's how King David killed Goliath.  King David did fight military battles, but he knew that the final outcome was actually up to G-d.  Netanyahu does not have that sort of religious faith.  It's is tragic flaw as a Jewish Leader.

I still think that Netanyahu has the potential to be a great Jewish leader, but he must stop thinking with his head and he must start thinking with his Jewish soul. I believe he does have one, but he is used to repressing it.

I have no doubt that Bibi loves the Land of Israel, the Bible and Jewish History.  He just doesn't know how to combine them into policy.  He is missing the connection to G-d and the glue of the Mitzvot, Torah commandments.  Let's pray for him to reach his potential and become a great Jewish Leader.  Until then, I can't vote for him...


Anonymous said...

i pray daily for him, that he will remain steadfast to the Torah. for some reason unknown to us, perhaps, Hashem has given him a second chance to lead the Holy L. some can say its politics, campaigning, and such, finally, its Hashem Who decides. tonight starts Yosef ben yaacov's yahrzeit. May his merits give additional strength to BN.

Batya said...

10, Bibi first has to accept G-d and the Torah.