Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Obama, Kerry and American Jewry, Mind Your Own Business!

I'm sick and tired of foreigners, who have nothing to lose if their kokameyme ideas are wrong, telling me as an Israeli who lives in the very heart of the Land of Israel what's good for us to do!

That's it in a nutshell.  I just read JJ Goldberg's Forward article about American Secretary of State's speech to the American Jewish Congress.  The United States with its rotten track record in understanding the Arab mentality wants us to facilitate the establishment of a terror state in the center of our Land, and it thinks that American Jews should be used to convince us that they know better about the reality of life here and Arabs than we do.

Here’s Kerry:
[N]o one has a stronger voice in this than the American Jewish community. You can play a critical part in ensuring Israel’s long-term security. And as President Obama said in Jerusalem, leaders will take bold steps only if their people push them to. You can help shape the future of this process. And in the end, you can help Israel direct its destiny and be masters of its own fate, just as Prime Minister Meir dreamed that it would be.

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Simply put it's immoral for citizens of one country to pressure another country, ditto for foreign leaders. What do all of you have to lose if you're wrong?  I lose my life and my country and family.

I live right in the middle of the Land of Israel, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.  I live right between the north and the south.  I live and work among Jews and Arabs.

What sort of logic or intelligence has the American Government used for Kerry to state:
"[N]o one has a stronger voice in this than the American Jewish community."

That's an out and out lie.  Americans, whether Jews, Christians, Muslims or Buddists have no right to claim a "stronger voice" than I an Israeli.

The "two state solution" is a recipe for disaster.  The much simpler East and West Berlin arrangement didn't work.  Did it?

If American Jews really care about us and are interested in learning the facts, come live and work with me and find out the truth.  Live in a place like Shiloh and work with Jews and Arabs in Sha'ar Binyamin.  You'll see a very different reality from the lies and fantasies the politicians and media are feeding you.

And yes, I know there are Israelis who claim to believe that a "two state  solution" must be tried.  They are wrong, and many of those who say it know I'm right.  They'll confide that they agree 100% with me,
"....but you shouldn't worry because the Arabs we'll never sign an agreement.  Heh heh heh, chuckle.  It's just a trick.  This way we can pretend to agree and look good in the eyes of the world.  Giggle."
That's a dumb and dangerous theory.

Considering America's horrendous military and diplomatic track record of late, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan etc.  Why should anyone in their right mind trust American military and diplomatic advice?

Just butt out!!


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Anonymous said...

I live right in the middle of the Land of Israel, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. No, the Jordan River is in the middle of the Land of Israel on the east-west axis. You live in the middle of the western part (which has greater holiness than the eastern part).

Yakov Butterfield said...

When J Street and the other leftest who think they know better put their money where their mouth is an make Aliyah to "The West Bank or East Jerusalem" and are waken up every morning by the Arabs and have to survive other nonsense like the Knesset. We can talk. O and by the way... Kerry the evil arabophile .... his name is the same as the Hebrew word for "seminal pollution" as in from masturbation (kuf-reish-yod).

Moriah said...

What's not to hate? There's not one decent human being in this administration..

Batya said...

A stand corrected

Batya said...

A stand corrected