Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bibi, Cut Out The Dumb Slogans, and Do the RIGHT Thing for Israel

One of the dumbest ever slogans in political activism is "give peace a chance."  Of course it was highly successful and popular as a slogan.

But what the protesters are usually demanding isn't "peace," it's some dangerous irreverseable concession. To experiment with "peace concessions" isn't like trying a new clothing style or having your haircut a new way and then letting it grow back out.

Peace is a lot more complicated.

For there to be true peace, both sides must be ready and truly want it.  So for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to beg the Arab Abbas to "give peace a chance" is totally idiotic and dangerous for the security and continued existence of the State of Israel.

"Since he (Abbas) doesn't speak Hebrew, and my Arabic is not great, I am calling on him in a language we both know and saying to him, 'Give peace a chance,' Netanyahu said, switching to English to utter the phrase.
"Don't miss the opportunity," he added, saying he was prepared to make "difficult decisions to move negotiations ahead" but cautioning he would take no moves that would jeopardize Israel's security.

The Israeli Government must stop the quest for peace with people who aim to destroy us and just make Israel a stronger and more secure country.  At some time in the future, G-d willing, the Arabs will stop educating  their children to terrorize us and there will be peace.  There is absolutely nothing we can give them, bribe them with to speed the process.

The only way to speed up peace is to stop begging/negotiating for it.  There will only be peace when the Arabs want it. I want true peace, because the other one is fake and fatal.  It's no better than a "dime store diamond."


Anonymous said...

'Give peace a chance', that worn-out John Lennon late sixties expression. Israelis today seem obsessed with hippy-culture anachronistic nonsense!

goyisherebbe said...

Instead of giving peace a chance, the Prime Minister of the sovereign state of Israel (after Bibi, of course)should say, "We have given all the chances in the world. Now we are giving an ultimatum. First, you pay up on all your bills within a month or else we start seizing assets. Acceptable behavior, end of violence and incitement in schools and media or we go in and put you all out of business. No US, UN or EU is going to help you. We're deaf. Try not believing we're going to do it. Make our day."

Batya said...

a and goyish, on target.

goyisherebbe said...

It's high time for Israelis and world Jewry to stop quaking in their boots at the thought of the Americans and Europeans, both in deathly fear of the Muslims, telling us what to do. We have to stop taking their money and set our own agenda. And let us not forget the the sanctimonious platitudes of the child-molesters of the UN and the Vatican.

Batya said...

goyish, amen