Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shavuot Dvar Torah, which I was asked to post

A neighbor asked me to post this, and since some of you may be looking for extra shiurim for Shavuot, I'm posting it.

the jews of the holy land and the trap of the lie

by Shraga Hanchinsky

>A great talent is exemplified by the angel
called the Samech Mem (Samael),
>to have a creative and theatric imagination.
Hereby are a few cases in which
>we find him also in the Midrash in the Bible:
seducing Eve by means of the
>serpent, creating a river in the path of Avraham
Avinu en route to the
>Akidah, disguising himself sometimes as a robber
and other times as a Torah
>scholar wrestling with Yaacov Avinu, disguising
himself to those who
>departed from Egypt as if Moshe Rabeinu was dead
as an excuse for the sin of
>the golden calf, and creating a tough and sturdy
context in testing the
>faith of Iyov.
>The great and final test of Am Yisroel before
the Geula is and attempt
>of ג€œZionismג€ and its state which is the most
impure in the world ג€“ whose
>sole goal is to defile all the flesh of the
earth by means of an irreligious
>anti-Torah judicial system, and a truth-twisting
theatrical media. In a
>journey that is focused to confuse, the founders
even called this state by
>the name ג€œthe state of Israelג€, and in its
club of heads and ministers and
>advisors who stole the name Mishkan, that refers
the the Mishkan that was
>built by Moshe Rabeinu: ג€œMishkan
>Indeed, the reason that the angel of Esau is
called Samael (and is nicknamed
>Samech Mem), because he blinds the eyes,
similarly to the wicked Esau who
>asked Yitchak Avinu how to take tiths from Salt
disguising himself as a
>Tzadik (since when do we tith salt?). For the
past 110 years that Zionism
>and the state took control over the Holyland,
and most of its dwellers using
>certain Rabbis and religious symbols, murdering,
by apparent and hidden
>maiming, extortion etc. etc.,
>Hereby a fable:
>There used to be a Jewish gג€™vir (richman) G-d
fearing and with a good heart
>(Am Yisroel) that for many years used to invite
and accommodate in his grand
>wooden house many Jews who ended up in the snowy
area in which he lived, as
>a free hostel in which they could recuperate
before continuing their
>journey. . . As Avraham Avinu how accommodated
his guests.
>The righteousness of the gג€™vir as given rise
to the jealously of his
>neighbor (the samech Mem), who contracted the
services of a transgressor
>(Zionism) in order to demolish the way of life
of this righteous gג€™vir, and
>to turn him into one of the simple and drunken
peasants (ג€œnormal as all the
>nationsג€. . . as they call it).
>And the day arrived and this transgressor
disguises himself as a guest that
>arrived at the house of the gג€™vir. In the
evening he spread gasoline in the
>corners of the house, and when all fell asleep
he lit the house on its
>guests. When everyone tried to flee the house,
this sinner took the bag ג€“
>the Tג€™filin of the gג€™vir from the table (as
a religious symbol . . . to
>blind the eyes of the people. Samech Mem).
>The stentorian voice of this criminal rose as if
he saves some of the people
>fleeing (certificates - Aliyah permits, only to
ideologically affiliated
>irreligious Jews).
>The gג€™vir cries and refuses to be consoled
even to the beseeching of his
>sons and daughters who were saved, and then all
of a sudden appears this
>criminal and asks ג€œnaivelyג€, if anyone
recognizes the bag of Tג€™filin that he
>The gג€™vir falls on his shoulders with hugs and
kisses and tells him that
>these Tג€™filin he inherited from his great
grand father, and are more dear in
>his eyes than the walls of the house that was
burned, which can be rebuildt.
>In his naive faith that the merits of his
attending to the Mitzha of
>Hachnasat Orchim, he received such a
ג€œsuccessfulג€ and innovative guest, and
>he promised to pay him bach only with great
favors. This is the end of the
>parable from the series of ג€œDid thou murder
and also inherit?ג€.
>And what is the moral lesson of the fable?
>The majority of Am Yisroel is under great
duress, being blindly greatful for
>more then 110 years to Satan (the Samech Mem)
that orchestrated a successful
>irreligious notional movement, due to the
support of a great many religious
>men that were confused and serve it with great
delight and loyalty even
>after it has transgressed the 3 oaths whose
purpose is in short:not to
>establish a country before its time so not to
disrupt and to erase the
>proceedings of the redemtion as its that isreal
will be saved by hashem [g-
>d] to bring the salvation for eternity.
>Placing our future in the defiled hands of
ג€œZionismג€ overlooking the
>punishments meted out to those who donג€™t heed
to the three oaths: ג€œI hereby
>permit your flesh as gazelles and deers of the
fieldsג€ caused the great
>Holocaust of European Jewry, and thus the state
(and army) continues
>to ג€œsave usג€ only from failure to failure,
Hashem will save us from ג€œthe
>Zionist Stateג€.
>Will the events and signs of the last year not
awaken the religious brothers
>and settlers to the sights of the uprooting of
Gush Katiff, the attempt to
>mass mureder a big crowd in Amonah by officers,
and the disgrace of the war
>in Lebanon, these are all signs that clarify
that the entire theatre of ג€œthe
>Zionist creationג€ is a test that the Samech
Mem places before us, that the
>state and the army are now and always null and
void, and there is no one to
>cling to except Hashem?
>Till when will the Pride Parade of the Samech
Mem continue, and what are his
>plans and final goals? This you will only
discover in the books ג€œVג€™Yoel
>Mosheג€ and ג€œAl Hageula Vג€™Al Hatemurahג€
by the rightous Admor Yoel Teitlebaum
>ZTג€L from Satmar.


YMedad said...

Strange that a Dvar Torah based on the outlook of the anti-Zionist, anti-Redemptionist-by-man Satmar Rebbe R' Yoelisch would be posted here.

Batya said...

food for thought

YMedad said...

Sorry but this for me is poison. Anyone who has gone through both VaYoel Moshe and Al HaGeulah v'al HaT'murah knows that this Satmar ideology developed before the Holocaust and championed by the Satmarer and the Munkcatzher Rebbe only caused the deaths of too many Jews in the Holocaust by preventing them for making Aliyah

YMedad said...

see this article, Amalek's Accomplices' Blaming Zionism for the Holocaust: Anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodoxy in Israel during the 1980s