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Monday, May 21, 2007

From the Holy and Ancient City of Shiloh

Last week, while my neighbors and I were waiting and waiting to be given the "privilege" of entering Kever Rachel, the Tomb of Rachel, on the border of Jerusalem and Beit Lechem, I voiced something that has been on my mind for quite a while.

We should really be having
prayers, especially women's prayers, at home in Shiloh
by the ancient tel.

We may not have any ancient Biblical Tomb in Shiloh, but we do have a well-documented ancient spot of great Biblical, Spiritual and Historical Significance.

Anyone can come to Shiloh by bus, bullet-proof, via Egged, or by any vehicle. It's no big deal. We can walk if so desired.

Why should we, the Jewish People, have to suffer such unpleasantness, when the very spot where Chana prayed is much more easily accessible?


Anonymous said...

We were actually considering having our son's brit at the Tel, but with so many people from Jerusalem, we're having it in Jerusalem instead IY"H.

Anonymous said...

I took the family to see Tel Shilo during Pesach. I'm sorry that was was erev shabbat so the area was almost closing and we didn't get a chance to hang around. So much potential to build that area up. The medium sized hall or picnic area outside is a great place to hold simchas, it should be advertised.

Batya said...

People do have smachot in Shiloh. For Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties, it's possible to have special craft activities, besides touring etc.

I really think it's a good place to pray.