Sunday, October 16, 2005

Allies? Friends?

I somehow woke up too early, maybe a remnant of Day Light Savings Time, which was just recently cancelled.

Checking Arutz 7, I found two very related news items. They make me wonder what type of "friend" or ally the United States is to Israel.

This is a frightening article, if you read it carefully. Because of that, I will copy it in full, highlighting specific lines:

Poll: Israelis Oppose Unilateral Pullouts; PM Aide Wants More
00:22 Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

More than two-thirds of Israelis oppose further unilateral pullouts and expulsions of Jews without a final accord with the PA, according to a Maariv poll, but a Sharon aide said more are planned.

The Teleseker poll for the Israeli newspaper revealed that only 28 percent of those surveyed support dismantling more Jewish communities without an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) over the final status of a proposed new Arab state. More than half the respondents said they supported this summer's expulsion of Jews from the Gaza and northern Samaria regions, but 68 percent are against a repeat performance.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said several times that the recent expulsions were the first and last unilateral withdrawals but that more communities would be destroyed as part of a mutual pact with the PA.

However, the Middle East Newsline quoted Sharon aide Eival Giladi, "Only unilateral [withdrawal] can work in this era. Israel determines where, when and how it withdraws." It also stated that the Defense Ministry is examining options for multi-stage withdrawals in 2007 which would force up to 100,000 Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria after the completion of the security fence, most of which follows the 1949 Armistice lines.The government has not responded to the report.Giladi said last month that Israel still would be in Gaza if it were negotiating with the PA and that continuing "with the old strategy like Oslo" would end up in failure.

It's a good thing that I read it before eating breakfast.

Now, if Israel was a truly democratic country, the will of the people would dominate current events. And since the will of the people is against unilateral withdrawal, it shouldn't happen.

The real problem is that too many Israelis, and that includes the media and most politicians, would do anything for a little approval and promises from any goy or foreigner, and that includes the terrorists.

And if the United States was a true friend and ally of Israel and respected its will of the people they would not have invited the Arabs for a little chat and lots of promises to force Israel to endanger itself further.

We have to stop looking for support and approval from the other nations.

"Yisrael, Yisrael batach b'Hashem!" "People of Israel, trust in G-d!"


Anonymous said...

Agreed that the US has its own agenda. Let's remember, though, that the problem is right here in Israel. Sharon ran to Bush for approval of the disenagement and opened a political Pandora's box, allowing the US to dictate to us.
The tolerance level for corruption has earned us second place (Italy is first)among western countries. We have permitted Sharon to get away with illegal acts, trampling on civil rights, in addition to callously throwing citizens out of their homes. It is obscene to think that a nation that gave the world the rule of Laws can behave like this.

Anonymous said...

The problem is how do we get a real leader who really trusts in Hashem. The first step is for the nationalist, religious and hareidi activists to get to work on developing alternatives to the control of the elite in various fields in the country. I'm working on some ideas for that which I will pass along soon to people. Next the rabbis of each group have to sit down together and propose a Torah-based declaration of principles. The following step is to unite a single national-religious-hareidi list to run together in the elections. The third step is to select a leader who will be the movement's candidate for Prime Minister.
If that happens, many people who are nationalist or traditional in their attitudes and practice will say "what the heck, the other guys haven't done a very good job, let's let these guys run the country". Without the legal, economic, media and information technology spadework, however, there will be no coalition, the hidden rulers will continue to divide and conquer, maybe another Kahane, Gandhi or Raful will be knocked off, and the same bunch of Labor and Likud, sorry, Licouldn't, will keep making concessions.