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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Playing G-d and Blog Free!

Playing G-d is a very dangerous game. Recently a Jewish billionaire, James Wolfenson, has been using his money to "make or change history."

Just because he has been very successful in making money doesn't mean that he understands what's best for Israel.

Do you remember the scheme in which rich American Jews donated $14 million dollars to transfer ownership of some of the Gush Katif hot houses to the Arabs? And do you know how the Arabs repaid that generosity? The Arabs looted and destroyed the hot houses. They don't want to be peaceful, successful farmers; they want to be terrorists. As they say in Hebrew: "Uvdah, facts prove it!."

And what's this guy's next brilliant idea? He's pressuring Sharon to agree to let the Europeans, yes the same ones who keep giving financial support to the terrorist strongholds surrounding Israel, responsibility for Israel's security.

New paragraph to give you time to get out of your faint.

Considering how Sharon and sons are already proven to have accepted bribes, it's frightening to imagine how much influence a billionaire can have on him.

I know that "money makes the world go around," but in the end we pay for their mistakes, while the billionaires go on to more dangerous games.

Also, think of it, I can't get my articles into the mainstream press, while the Oslo and Peace Now crowd can.

So I must thank G-d for the internet and opportunity to be part of the "alternative" news media. It reminds me of the Samizdat, the underground press during the Communist regime in the USSR.

Maybe we should call our movement "Blog Free!"

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