Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Avihu Keinan, HaYa"D, Memorial March

Od Avihu Chai!
G-d Willing, Sunday,
October 23, the 20th of Tishrei
Avihu Keinan, HaYa"D,
Memorial March
This year's route will be from
Avihu's grave in the Shiloh Cemetary
to the Hazaytim, Mount of Olives Cememtary
where the dead of Gush Katif were reburied
It will start from Shiloh, 9am, and we will march to his grave. From the cemetary we will be bussed to Waadi Charamiya, just before Ofra. From there we will march until Givat Asaf, the "T" junction to Beit El. Then we will be bussed to French Hill, Jerusalem, and from there we will march to Har Hazaytim.
To register call 02-940-1111. NS10- participation fee. Wear a sunhat, hiking shoes, and bring food and water. It is possible to join up mid way or for the last part.
Read about the march and the second one.

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