Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it a threat or a promise?

PM Sharon is trying scare tactics, predicting that his government will fall if his new ministers aren't approved.

That's the good news. It would be good for his government to fall. We need a new government. But Lame Duck governments in Israel can also be more powerful during that time that precedes the election and inauguration of a new government. That's because it is in office and cannot be removed, since new elections were already decided on. Nothing can stop them from doing what they want.

It's common to choose the latest possible date for new elections, so that during that interim time, the government can dictate what it wants and create facts. It can't be voted out of office, because it's just the caretaker.

But that time period will happen, whether sooner or later, and we mustn't fear it.

The so-called Likud loyalist faction is trying to organize tactics to bring on new elections as soon as possible. Let's support them. I honestly hope they are capable of doing this properly.

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