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Friday, October 14, 2005


There's a principle in psychology called Projection. A person accuses or imagines what he himself is capable of. This has been going on in Israel a lot. Sharon and his henchmen kept predicting violence, a civil war, armed violent rebellion during Disengagement. As we all know, there wasn't any. The poor, innocent victims left their homes peaceful, with dignity, even if they were carried out physically, nobody attacked the soldiers.

All that training for nothing. The soldiers were trained in arm-to-arm combat: "When a settler attacks you with a knife..." was a typical training exercise.

According to the media, Sharon was supposed to be assassinated months ago, but nothing happened.

Now the government is starting again. According to "The Jerusalem Post," Internal Security Minister Gidon Ezra, they're expecting Sharon to be attacked.

I guess that this is another warning of violence against us, since they're the ones capable of violence, not us. And remember that it was the Shabak, Israel's Secret Service that was behind Rabin's assassination. Avishai Raviv had been infiltrating for years, about ten from my reports.


Anonymous said...


That's an excellent observation. It is also a disturbing observation.

It's late here in the States for me so I will return later to explain.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion what the GOI is projecting, besides this peculiar image of Israeli citizens as unreasonable aggressors, is a need to maintain the status quotient. Ironically it is the status quo of warfare and guerilla warfare against Israel along with concessions. Concessions such as 'disengagement', which falsely imply, in some historical context for the unwitting, that the aggressor suffered injustice.

Why would the GOI do such? My sense of this phenomena came from the positioning of the Military prior to the 'disengagement.' Iron fist comes to mind. Could that really be contempt?

It is possible that in response to the power of the Int'l community the GOI, in their frustration with the Int'l community, is projecting their frustration onto their peers. That's a possibility to be addressed.

Consider that the history of Middle East aggression against Israel resulted in virtually no collective statement of support for Israel from the Int'l community. Are foreign spys proficient novelists of fiction for captive audiences? But now, after the expulsion/disengagement, there are distinct statements and gestures from other nations.

Quite suddenly other Governments are posturing as they should have decades ago. In some sense this could be self-fulfilling psychology; those in power react when circumstances address their construct/belief system because this affirms their belief. No entity can escape the parameters of the ideas that possess them, we serve our ideas as masters. But still, the Int'l gestures are irresistable, at least on the surface.

If the GOI is condemning the constituency, even in an indirect manner, then they're "implying" a willingness or desire to gain more "statements and gestures" from the Int'l community imo. That's why I think Your (B.M.) observation is disturbing; the attitude of the GOI is there for a reason. One question is; does the attitude need to be there? Maybe somebody should call them and make a suggestion. /slight humor

It is important to note that the psychological season is changing at this time. This is evidenced by the election in Germany. Also evidenced by the individualism in Washington which is in stark contrast to the intense party unity of the recent past.

It is a shift in the collective unconcious which I am inclined to believe is global. Something has ascended and it won't change for years at the very least. That is why bonds are loosening; because ideas have been established. It uncertain whether abject aggression will subside. History shows much of it which needs no reminder to Israelis.

So now I'll ask questions. How will it be pragmatic in the future, say five, ten or twenty years, for the power brokers to think that Israel is right Not to make any concession? What circumstance changes the paradigm? What ideas alter the belief system?

I hope these remarks don't seem too abstract considering thousands of Israelis just had their lives upended and now have to painfully go onward from the loss. And not to mention that the enemy will continue to take a teenager who is angry at his father and coerce him into murder.

Since some things have changed and many haven't, while the world becomes more and more absorbed in diversions, it may be useful, it may be the only choice, to think of the future in terms of ideas.

Ideas have a life of their own.

Batya said...

G-d willing we should have a future.