Saturday, May 28, 2005

reply to a comment

So many people are against Disengagement, but they don't do anything. People my age and older from the states probably remember the Barry Goldwater presidential campaign. "In your heart you know he's right."

This is a lot more serious. Not only are people's lives at stake, but the future of the State of Israel. Disengagement isn't the end of the destruction, it's the coninuation that began when Begin destroyed Yamit and the other communities and gave the Sinai to Egypt on a silver platter. We must stop it. It will be more painful later on.

Sometimes it's not pleasant to be at a demonstration. Also, when you see the pictures and film clips, the demonstrators don't look nice. Shouting doesn't photograph well. and you know that the editors pick the least flattering pictures. Here are some ideas, for whatever they're worth.

I admit it's a tough call,
but we all must do something, even if it's writing to the paper, calling talk
shows. And even sending to various papers and news agencies
asking why their reporters didn't do anything comprehensive.


Esther said...

Glad to inspire. ;) Hopefully blogs, articles, etc. can help do something. I still have a hard time picturing this going through. What in the world has the PA done to make anyone think that this could be anything other than a catastrophe?

Batya said...

they're made of teflon