Friday, May 27, 2005

Ironic isn't quite the right word

The latest protests are to stop the bulldozers, the ones preparing land for the "temporary community" or "new town," the one that's supposed to house the Gush Katif refugees. These aren't anti-Disengagemnet protestors. These are pro-sand dume demonstrators. They don't want the religious, right-wing Jews to defile their holy ground.

They've united with residents of Nitzan who are furious that their Garden of Eden should be a refugee camp. They don't want neighbors, expansion, espcially people who don't live their sort of life.

The government is finding it more and more difficult to solve all the niggling details and problems. It was so easy to declare a new daring policy. And they enjoyed all the attention and praise from the world's movers, shakers and prize givers. And now, before they've succeded in this first grand gesture, their ruler, Bush II, has already announced the next stage of the famous salami tactics.

I don't understand why the great experts are so surprised. I spoke to Steinitz when he visited Moshe Keinan's protest succah a year and a half ago, and I told him that he was "inconsistent." I was polite and didn't call him a hypocrite or naive.

This doesn't surprise us. We predicted it all. Some of us have been warning the country and
world Jewry since Begin greeted Sadat.

When someone I knew told me we should withdraw from the Sinai, because it was too far away for her husband when doing reserve duty, I asked if she wanted the war closer. She didn't understand, and then came terrorism in every city and road. I'd prefer the war far away, but with my accent, who listens?

And how did I get on this tangent?

Yes, the government can't push Jews around like pieces of lego. There was another good arutz 7 article with an interview with one of the leftists. He was asked if he would have Arabs taken out of their homes, and he said:

Asked if he would also agree to evacuate an Arab village in the same way he agrees to the destruction of Jewish towns, Ayalon said, "There's a difference. You are public servants, and we sent you. The mission of some of you has ended." MK Finkelstein responded, "They're not yo-yos! What, the servant-boy did his job and now he can go home?"

We have a lot of work to do, if these are the people in power.

Shabbat Shalom


Esther said...

VERY interesting. Great post!

Batya said...

Thanks I guess if had had the time, I could have turned/edited it into a real numbered musing.