Sunday, May 29, 2005

re: Dovrat Report and Sharon's remarks

Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser
Following are Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's remarks at the start of theCabinet meeting today (Sunday), 29.5.05, regarding the implementation of theDovrat Commission report and the attacks on Education, Culture and SportsMinister Limor Livnat
This morning Education, Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat will briefthe Cabinet on the implementation of the Dovrat Commission report(

I would like to point out that the education reforms specified in therecommendations of the Dovrat Commission report are very important andvital. The national task force that I appointed along with Minister Livnatsat for over a year and submitted very serious proposals. This is notanybody's private initiative. It is the decision of the Government and allthose who sit here around the table - except one - voted in favor of it.The Government has also budgeted billions of shekels for education in orderto implement the reforms.Minister Livnat is leading the implementation of the Dovrat report on behalfof the entire Government and she needs to receive its support. MinisterLivnat has led the education system to many achievements during her term ofoffice and the unbridled personal attacks on her are an attack on theGovernment and its decisions. I expect everyone to support the decisionthat we made.To my regret, the teachers' organizations are not cooperating inimplementing the report even though several very serious compromiseproposals have been made that would allow the implementation of the reformsto begin this coming [academic] year and which would either reduce orobviate the need to dismiss teachers.I want to make it clear that the Government's decision on the educationreforms will be implemented. This reform will happen. I call on theteachers' organizations to accept the serious proposals that have been madeto them and to open discussions on the immediate implementation of theDovrat report.The reforms contain many issues the implementation of which must bediscussed and it is possible to do so by agreement and through respectfuldialogue. I am always in favor of dialogue but in the absence ofcooperation, the Government will implement the Dovrat report along with thelocal authorities, according to the plan that has already been approved.It is the Government which is responsible towards the students and theparents to enact the necessary changes in the education system and this wewill do.Limor, I stand together with you in the important measures that you areleading."


rockofgalilee said...

I think they should only fire the bad teachers. Good teachers are hard to come by. But when my daughter comes home with 10 pages of math homework in 1st grade it makes us wonder about the teacher. Now to her credit, she did tell us that our daughter didn't bring home the homework for 10 days. and that's why she has so much. But in first grade you should probably have 10 pages a year.

Batya said...

The big challenge is judging who the good/bad teachers are. It should be easier to change schools or take breaks from teaching without messing up one's pensions and other rights. I can't imagine doing the same sort of job for decades. I'd go insane.