Thursday, May 5, 2005

Natan Sharansky

I've had a mix of comments on my previous musings in which I warned that Natan Sharansky is not against Disengagement in principle. Many, many people are blinded by his celebrity, legendary status. They look at him and their own opinions are reflected back, like a mirror. But, please read closely. First of all, he writes/gives a confused and confusing variety of opinions and rationales. There is no single "right" or message. Everyone can find something whether it's democracy, security, withdrawal etc. The fact that Arik Sharon has permitted him to stay in the cabinet so long should make you suspicious, and he admits that his timing of the resignation was even coordinated with Sharon.

A true leader has "one right." That's what leadership is, taking us in a clear direction. There's nothing clear with Sharansky. His letter is so long and complex, purposely to be able to later show that he hadn't lied. That means, that if, G-d forbid, the country votes him as Prime Minister and then he withdraws from more and more of our Holy Land, he can show that he never said that he was for "Eretz Yisrael Hashleimah," "the Whole Land of Israel."

Honestly, not in a million years did I ever think I'd be writing anti-Sharansky pieces. But learning to listen carefully is a life-saving skill.

Don't listen for what you want to hear. Listen for the danger signs and phrases.

I was told that HaRav Yigal Kamenetzky, the Rabbi of Gush Katif, will be here in Shiloh for Shabbat and will be speaking. Too bad it's Shabbat and we can't take notes, but I'm sure that I'll have something interesting to write afterwards.

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