Thursday, May 26, 2005

a comment on #121 from a veteran

A veteran Zionist activist sent me her comments on #121. She was one of the many demonstrating while Sharon was speaking. As I said in my musing, it didn't seem like the various newspapers sent reporters to really report what went on there. They just paraphrased, at best, the official press release.

So here is a first hand report:


Let them know there are people here who really care & are willing to stand out in pouring rain. Bear in mind, please, I'm a 70 + bubby (w/arthritis and more) who has been doing this since age 12 when, along w/my Hashomer Hadati group attended any & all opportunities to rally, demonstrate, march, etc FOR a State.

For "what its worth!!"....Im among a group who travelled to NY (from Philly) on Sunday to participate in the rally when "he" spoke....

I went to Baltimore on Monday, stayed over & went w/a bus organized by W.I.G. to DC on Tuesday to stand in the pouring rain to hold signs in from of the aipac meeting..... after a while, I went to back of the convention center where delegates were loading into buses...... a woman came running over to me (her intent wasn't clear at first)...she said, "I'm wearing an orange button...lots of the delegates are w/you, but we can't speak out"......."what?", I asked...."you can't speak out?".....

some gave me (I happened to be standing on that corner sign said "STOP the forced transfer of Jews") the thumbs up sign.

Shmuel Sackett was inside and escorted out when he made some kind of commotion...he came over to speak to the group.


Esther said...

Thanks for posting this, Batya. There were plenty of reporters there. I'm guessing they were lazy tho?

And yes, I do think anti-disengagement had LOTS of supporters there (including myself) but while that's how I feel and applaud people picketing outside the convention center (that's a great way to make your feelings known), I just didn't think doing it, as Shmuel Sackett did, was a good thing. I believe some AIPAC folks could be on the fence. But him doing that was like a bad stain on AIPAC's reputation and therefore not pleasing many who were there.

Batya said...

I admit it's a tough call, but we all must do something, even if it's writing to the paper, calling talk shows. And even sending this report to various papers and news agencies asking why their reporters didn't do anything comprehensive.

I think I'll copy/paste and post this for all.

Esther said...

All the ways you've listed here are great. But they're different than interrupting a speech being given to an organization that has all the controversy it can handle. And if AIPAC goes down, trust me, that is HORRIBLE for Israel. That's why I had such a problem with it.

Batya said...

Just standing outside silently with a sign.
Or booing him, or whipping out an orange cloth and waving it.