Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Live, Dead and Wounded: News from Gush Katif and Jerusalem

A few years ago, we participated in a staff Shabbat in the Gush Katif Hotel. At that point it was already struggling financially and specialized in group Shabbat deals. Since then it closed down. But recently it came back to life, filling up and being repaired to provide more housing for those looking for apartments in Gush Katif.

Last night's tv news showed pictures of some new "rapid construction" of homes for the G-d forbid! refugees. Aparently these homes will be administered by Amigur.

Confusion reigns:

And an even more confusing and potentially major money waste is happening on the security front.

And if you haven't been in Jerusalem recently, you won't recognize the view from some areas, due to the construction of a "wall" and it's no Kotel ma'aravi! There's nothing holy about this one, and nobody but the people in the construction business seem to really like it.

No rest for the dead and no comfort for the bereaved:

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