Sunday, April 10, 2005

that wall, and I'm not referring to the "kotel," western wall

For the longest time, I'd been able to say: "What wall?"

Then I noticed what looked like a new road being built near the one that enters Jerusalem from the north, to Psgat Zeev, at "Hizme." There's an army check-point, two lanes entering and one leaving Jerusalem.

It's only when tall concrete slabs suddenly appeared along that new road that I couldn't avoid recognizing it for what it is. It's not going to bring security. There are constant court cases in which the Arabs petition changes, because the route isn't convenient for them. The reduction in terrorism is due to instructions they got that they're getting more from the Israeli government with the quiet. They don't want the "simple Israeli" to be reminded that they're terrorists.

So they're waiting for us to, G-d forbid, amputate our arms, legs, hearts, and then it'll be, G-d forbid, easy to wipe us out.

I keep writing G-d forbid, even though I'm sure that G-d wants us to take responisibility and not trust a wall, UN, US ad nauseum.

And as horrendous as the northern exit from Jerusalem now looks, the southern one to Bethlehem is worse.

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