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Musings #112
April 17, 2005
8th of Nissan

No Time To Waste!

There’s no time to waste, and I’m not even thinking about the Pesach. It’s like if the house is on fire and you spend time asking people if you should use the green hose or the blue one.

Even without the latest news about “Disengagement II” it was always obvious that after Begin’s Sinai withdrawal, AKA, the destruction of Yamit, the Oslo Accords, which gave weapons to the Arab terrorists, Bibi’s Wye, ( which caused increased deterioration in the security situation and other similar government decisions that we were spiraling towards disaster, G-d forbid!

When Menachem Begin shocked us all and announced that he and Egyptian President Anwar Sadaat had made a deal, many of us knew that it would end in tragedy. His rationale, the excuse he gave until he sequestered himself away from the public, was that he was doing it so that Israel could finally have “peace” and to develop the Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, Golan and Gaza (

As we all know, instead of guaranteeing Israel peace, Begin’s Camp David Accords just opened up a Pandora’s Box of terrorism and further withdrawal from our precious Homeland. Begin’s successors have each sliced away at Israel’s security just adding euphemisms to glossaries in Political Science texts.

This “disengagement” doesn’t even pretend to bring peace,, Nobody is happy with it including the Arabs It is probably the most “peculiar” government decision in world history. It makes the World War II European “map changes” look benign in comparison. (See this excellent Time Line showing Europe from the 1918-1946 No other country so voluntarily self-mutilated like Israel has been doing for the past twenty-five years.

Now, even before the nightmare has taken place, we’re being prepared for the next stage, named “Disengagement II.” First denied by Ehud Olmert and then followed by the official statement from the Prime Minister’s Office We all know what that means. The pattern of leaks and denials is eerily familiar. We have to get our heads out of the sand.

We have no choice. We have to do something to make sure the suicidal spiral is permanently stopped. A totally new leadership must replace the present establishment. Our country and our people are in danger! Each one of us has a different role to play.

On Shabbat there was a guest in Shiloh who spoke to us about the “Panim el Panim” campaign, in which those of us who value Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, have been knocking on doors throughout the cities and towns of Israel just talking to people and listening to them. Those participating report that most Israelis are against “disengagement” and don’t agree with the media.

I must admit that I haven’t joined any of the busloads of my neighbors who have been going to Kiryat Ono to meet the people, the silent majority. Apparently these missions are successful, or the government wouldn’t be sending the police to stop the buses Yes, unfortunately, the government is using the police and soldiers to enforce unpopular decisions, the definition of a totalitarian police state.

It wasn’t that long ago when Israeli politicians, including the Prime Minister, could mingle freely with ordinary citizens. Israelis trusted their leaders and there was a sincere mutual respect and fondness between the politicians and the voters. Since Begin’s Camp David and his subsequent withdrawal from public life, there has been a steady deterioration.

A politician who fears the public is not doing his job properly; he is going against the will of the people. In a democracy the people should be ruling, and if they are feared by those in “power” and need to be policed, then it isn’t a true democracy. Our rapid descent in totalitarianism began with Yitzchak Rabin who belittled the anti-Oslo demonstrators. .

Simultaneously, agent provocateurs, like Avishai Raviv, were given more and more power and worked with the IBA staging “news” that made the anti-Oslo population look violently dangerous. and There’s so much written about Avishai Raviv’s career, he specialized in infiltrating groups of teenagers and university students.

We have to rescue Israel from this dictatorship, and I think that the first thing we should all do is to just say: “I’m against disengagement; I don’t agree with the government.”

The more people who say it and write it and publicize it, the more people will have the confidence to admit it. And G-d willing, from these few words, the sea will part, and we will have true freedom to build our country.

“Avodim hayinu… v’atoh bnai chorin!” “We were slaves… and now we are free men!”

Chag Cherut Sameach!

Batya Medad, Shiloh
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