Monday, April 11, 2005

from the GPO, Government Press Office

April 10th, 2005
Since last night, Palestinians launched 70 apparent mortar shells at Israeli communities and IDF outposts in the southern Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported but there were several instances of damage reported.

What did they think they were? Popcorn?


Cosmic X said...

Just a guess: they did not want to say "mortar shells" because some of them were "kassam rockets."

Batya said...

they could have said something that doesn't sound like it's popcorn, or toffee, or ping pong balls. Few people know the difference between kassams and mortar; I certainly don't.

Moze said...

It's kind of hard to see what's being lobbed at you when you've blindfolded yourself to keep from seeing what's happening around you, or finding out through any other means when those above you have tied your hands behind you and have threatened to cut your heart out. I almost feel sorry for the army these days.

Batya said...

hard to be a man at times like these