Thursday, March 3, 2005


Our days are getting blacker. Israeli society is being flooded with incitement. And it's directed against us, loyal, patriotic, hardworking Zionists. Unfortunately, according to MK Arye Eldad, things will only get worse .

I hope he's wrong but fear he's not. He's one of the wisest and most honorable Israelis in politics. He left his successful career as a plastic surgeon, burns specialist. He gave people a chance at a normal life, covering their body with protective skin, after severe burns and accidents.

Dr. Eldad, MD, succeeded in getting skin to graft where other techniques failed. I've heard these stories from the grateful patients and families. He lives in a YESHA community of mixed religious and less religious, Kfar Adumim.

Now that he is in politics, I hope and pray that he will succeed in grafting true moral and Jewish values, freedom of thought, respect for others on Israeli society. He is a member of the "Ichud HaLeumi," National Union.

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