Sunday, March 6, 2005

Which type of Jew can always get honored?

I may turn this into an official numbered musing, but in the meantime.....

Ok, do you have an answer?

It's easy. What's the richest Jewish "educational institution/museum" in the world? Thirty heads of state are expected to celebrate...Oops! commemorate dead Jews . Yes, Yad Veshem, the super-gigantic Holocaust Museum, is opening another new wing and the same heads of state who wouldn't come to celebrate live Jews are willing to pay their respects to those murdered in Europe by Nazis and others, enthusiastically "obeying orders," or just taking advantage of the situation. Or like the Americans, who wouldn't bomb the camps or accept refugees, sending them back to "where they came from" and from where they were trying to escape.

But when it comes to memorializing the victims, six million who can be counted and named, it's easy to raise the money. And the international bigshots are enthusiastic about coming.

Let them stay home!

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