Saturday, March 26, 2005

Terri Schiavo and modern morality

The court decision to starve Terri Schiavo to death, because she has damaged brain function, is related to the same philosophy that allows abortion by demand.

Yes, think about it.

Unborn babies are examined and if deemed "faulty" they can be deleted from the system, their cords, their life support's pulled, they're ripped out of their nourishing and protecting home.

The court has decided that Terri's life is not worth living. Who's life is it anyhow? She has no control, only reacts, feels, pain and pleasure and the company of loved ones. But the court decided to let her die. It's not enough that she's locked in her unresponsive, uncontrolable body.

The method of death is the cruelest possible. Slow, tortuous death by starvation. Tubes were pulled. Since she can't protest, she's not worth the efforts to keep her alive.

That's the American justice system and philosophy.

And that brings me back to today's politics. Years ago I remember hearing that , contrary to Israeli expectations and presumptions, America does not help dying regimes. Meaning, if Israel is in mortal danger after amputating its heart and spinal column, the United States will treat it just the way it's treating Terri Schiavo.

Think about it.....

And there is precedent, think of what America did to Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

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DovBear said...

Small quibble.

You claim that she might have protested the pulling of her feeding tube, but the court ruled, using the testimony of five witnesses, that this is what Terry Schavio would have wanted.

I don't think the court made the right decision (too much doubt) but it isn't the abortion culture that made this possible: it's the death penalty culture.

Schavio -of course- was no criminal, but in both her case, and the death penalty cases, courts take upon themselves the right to make life and death decisions, overlooking, in both cases, leghitimate doubt.

It's what happened here, and it's what happens in many death penalty cases.

Its nothing like abortion.