Monday, March 7, 2005

the unexpected

A few weeks ago I saw an article on Arutz 7 and knew who wrote it. At least I knew him years ago; he had been a student in our local yeshiva. During that time I had been working in public relations for the yeshivat hesder here. I liked the article and wrote to him. It's great seeing how these kids are so grown up and successful, though sad that he has made his life and career in the states. But he still remembers Shiloh fondly.

And just tonight, I got a letter from one of the students who used to talk to me and visit the house a lot during his year in Israel. I hadn't had any contact for over fifteen years, and all of a sudden he saw my Frankenstein article on arutz 7 and wrote.

...and now a different surprise. The doorbell rang, and someone was there, whom I had once met. But I've seen his emails; he's a friend of my husband. He was here in an army uniform, so I invited him in and he said he's with a staff, so they were invited. And then they told me what they were doing in Shiloh. They were called to care for an elderly man who had had a heart attack. Unfortunately, he passed away. Baruch Dayan Ha'emet.

But I served the soldiers coffee, tea, cookies and cake. And I wished that they had visited Shiloh for more pleasant reasons.

And tomorrow there's a funeral.

May G-d give strength to his wife. Hamakom y'nachem....

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