Monday, March 14, 2005

still hurts

Thank G-d the foot injured in the terror attack nine years ago is long healed, but it still hurts deep in the soul when I think of how the police and politicians tried to prove it "an accident." Israpundit did a great job researching what happened then. I've added a comment with a bit more. It's also posted on Soccer Dad , actually I don't know which of the two did the research/writing.

But this is definitely one of those classic proofs for "Everything in the news is true, except for the things you personally know about."


Soccer Dad said...

I'm Soccer Dad and I'm one of several contributors to Israpundit, which is a group blog. Joseph is one of the founders and main contributors to Israpundit, but it's a group effort. Thank you so much for your kind words.
And though I brought up your pain, I should publicly - not just by e-mail - wish you Mazel Tov on your joy!

Cosmic X said...


I remember sitting in my kitchen and hearing the "reports" on the attack. I second the "yishar koach" to David Gerstman for the research. BTW you should change the link to Israpundit to this:

P.S. I'm glad that the foot is better!