Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Facebook Rescinded Ban

former title:
According to Facebook, One Can't Mention Biden's Age

I'm in shock. According to Facebook I've gone against "community standards." All I did was share an article from The NY Post, The best and worst of Joe Biden put on display during whirlwind day by John Podhoretz to facebook and write:
It's a real shocker for me. For over a decade I figured there'd never again be an American Presidential race in which both candidates are older than I am. Joe Biden is 7 years my senior, while Donald Trump is only 3 years older than me, four years younger than Biden. If Biden's elected, he'll be over 80 before his four years as POTUS are up. In case you're wondering, Bibi is just a few months younger than me. And I'm happily retired. Why should they all want the pressure after 70?
What's wrong with it? I don't see any "spam" in what I wrote. I'm almost 71, not a kid, so why can't I mention age?

What do you think?


YMedad said...

I saw this out there:
there was a glitch in their automated review process.

Batya said...

Does that mean that they didn't review and just accepted all complaints as legitimate?

Mr. Cohen said...

Joe Biden's accurate age is available
for free on the internet encylopedeia:


NY-based Muslim-Brotherhood Activist
Vows to Infect Others with Corona Virus

Batya said...

That's how I found it.