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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Israel's Burning, And The Fires Could Have Been Prevented

Summer came with a bang, exploded in fiery heat. Just a few weeks ago, we had been complaining about unseasonable cold. Now the temperatures are at record highs. And to make things hotter and much more dangerous, there are horrendous fires all over the country.

Some of the fires are caused by Arab terrorism. The Gazan Arab terrorists have turned balloons into weapons. That's because they've developed a way to send incendiary devices into Israel carried in the air by balloons. This has been going on for a year already, and the Likud, led by Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu hasn't had the guts to destroy the terrorist in their nests. It shouldn't concern us if there's collateral damage, meaning "non-combatants" being injured or killed. The main job of the Israeli Government is to protect Israeli citizens, not protect the enemy. At this point, I blame the government for the fires and subsequent loss of agriculture and damage of the Land.

Life on the border with Gaza - things people may not know (but should)

Life on the border with Gaza - things people may not know (but should)

For more information about the Arab terror in Israel's south check out Life on the border with Gaza - things people may not know (but should) on facebook. The photos above are from that facebook page.

There are also large uncontrollable fires in the center of the country. On the whole they were caused by human carelessness. It's a Jewish/Israeli custom to light bonfires on the eve of Lag B'Omer, which we celebrated today. I wrote about our bonfire, which was on a paved surface, here. In some parts of the country, which are most susceptible to brush fire, people had been asked to refrain from lighting bonfires. Unfortunately they ignored the warnings. Also, some bonfires got out of control or weren't completely extinguished. And after the celebrants left the fires got stronger and spread.

This is not good. Israel are a small country and every drop of water is precious. We can't expect rain for over six months. All of this damage is an ecological disaster for Israel. Gd willing the fires will be put out quickly and the Arab terrorists will be destroyed.


Mr. Cohen said...

The Biblical Book of Jeremiah, chapter 17,
last verse of that chapter, teaches that:

If the Jewish people fail to observe
SHABBAT, then Jerusalem will burn.

In other words, any city in the land of Israel
where Jews fail to observe SHABBAT,
even Jerusalem, will burn with fire.

Rabbi Benjamin Blech said:

It is time for Jews to say to
the New York Times:
“we’ve had enough.”

SOURCE: J’Accuse
by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, 2014/7/30

Why Rabbi Haskel Lookstein permanently
stopped reading the New York Times:

SOURCE: Time’s Up for the New York Times
in My Home
by Haskel Lookstein, 2019/5/13

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:

“In the genocidal war being waged
against the Jewish people, the
New York Times is an accomplice.”

A New Low, a blog article
by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, 2015/10/29

Mr. Dennis Prager said:

“The New York Times has been in the
forefront of the Left's hysterical, hate-filled
attacks on police officers and whites.”

SOURCE: The New York Times
and the Left Have Blood on Their Hands

by Dennis Prager, 2016 July 12

“One [New York] Times opinion editor,
Matt Seaton, even admitted last year [2014 CE]
that the newspaper has a policy of
veering away from criticism of Palestinians.”

SOURCE: Final sentence of article titled:
New York Times Editor: Coverage of Israel
Most Criticized Aspect of Opinion Pages

by Shiryn Ghermezian, 2015 October 14,
found in: The Algemeiner.

“The [New York] Times has a
longstanding aversion to reporting
straight-on demonization of the Jewish people…”

SOURCE: ‘New York Times’ ends the year
with an epic Israel smear
by Andrea Levin, 2019/1/1

New York Times articles are
not attacking “occupation” anymore,
but the very idea of a Jewish state:


New York Times columnist Bret Stephens said:

“…the almost torrential criticism of Israel and
the mainstreaming of anti-Zionism, including
by this paper [the New York Times],
which has become so common that people
have been desensitized to its inherent bigotry.”

SOURCE: New York Times AntiSemitic Cartoon
Controversy Escalates
by Ira Stoll, 2019 April 28

Why Richard Block (a Jewish Liberal-Democrat)
UNSUBSCRIBED from the New York Times:

“I am a lifelong Democrat, a political liberal,
a Reform rabbi, and for four decades, until
last week, a New York Times subscriber.

What drove me away was the paper’s incessant
denigration of Israel, a torrent of articles,
photographs, and op-ed columns that consistently
present the Jewish State in the worst possible light.”

Why I’m Unsubscribing From the New York Times
by Richard A. Block, 2014 August 28
Tablet Magazine P.O. Box 20079 New York, NY 10001

Anonymous said...

But the Jewish people should heed the warning of the govt too, and not light fires when its known to be a danger.

So its their own fault too... adding fuel to fire... so to say.


Batya said...

yes, annon, exactly