Monday, April 8, 2019

Who's The Winner of the 2019 Knesset Elections? I Can Wait Until Morning

Tomorrow will be the 2019 Knesset Elections. The three main Israeli television stations/channels are promoting their overnight vote "count."

Well, count me out.

I'll be happy to wait until morning for the numbers, and then until whenever we hear about the deals to make a coalition. Believe me, Trump hasn't a clue about "deals." Forming a ruling coalition after these elections will make his Trump neighborhood on Manhattan's Westside look like a piece of cake, and his so-called "peace deal" will fall like poorly made souffle in a thunderstorm.

Local Shiloh Elections 5777, 2017
Nothing like the Knesset ones, except that I voted.


Mr. Cohen said...

Shmuley Boteach said:

“Even Yitzhak Rabin was not prepared to give
the Palestinians a state and that was at
a time when there was still some hope that
the Palestinians would agree to a settlement
that would recognize the existence of
a Jewish state beside a Palestinian one.

Now most Israelis recognize this is
impossible in the near future, if ever.

The never-ending barrage of rockets from
Gaza following Israel’s evacuation has
shown the folly of the land-for-peace formula…”

Trump’s Love Affair with Israel and the Jewish People
by Shmuley Boteach, 2019 April 8

Batya said...

Yes, the Leftist have distorted Rabin's policies.