Thursday, April 4, 2019

Only In Israel, Bringing MIA Zachary Baumel Home

Funeral of Zachary Baumel 

Funeral of Zachary Baumel 


I'm proud, can't think of a better word right now, that the State of Israel does not give up in its search for missing soldiers.

This evening there was the official military funeral of Zachary Baumel, HaY"aD, almost thirty-seven years after he was killed in action, during the Sultan Yacoub battle in what's known as the First Lebanese War. Two more IDF soldiers from that battle, Yehuda Katz and Zvi Feldman are still missing in action.

Apparently the search for his body and the other missing soldiers was with the help of Russia and other countries. The search is still on, until every IDF soldier, alive or dead, is brought home to Israel.

The State of Israel is about to celebrate 71 years of independence. For more than half that time, almost thirty-seven 37 years, Israel has been doing everything possible to find out what happened to those three soldiers. That certainly makes the time seem even longer. Gd willing all of our missing soldiers will be returned to Israel very, very soon.


Yehoshea said...

What about the dakar... they could bring it up easy ?

Batya said...

Wasn't there an attempt? Not an easy thing.