Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The State of Israel Needs Experienced Fearless Leaders

One of the reasons I'm voting for HaYamin HeChadash, The New Right is because I want them to have enough seats in the Knesset so that the Likud will have to give Naftali Bennett the Defense Ministry. The worst thing for the State of Israel would be for Netanyahu to continue holding multiple ministries, including Defense, and even worse than that would be for him to invite the Four-Headed Monster Party aka Blue and White to join a massive Center coalition and crown one of their failed wimpy IDF heads with the Defense Ministry.

I hope you know enough Hebrew to get the message from this campaign video by The New Right. The message is that it was only due to Bennett's pressure on Benny Gantz, then IDF Chief of Staff, and Bogie Ya'alon, then Defense Minister, that the army put together an operative plan to destroy the terrorist tunnels in the south. The clip quotes actual security cabinet meetings to prove it.

An important theme of the New Right campaign is to give them your vote so that Ayelet Shaked can continue rehabilitating the Israeli Judicial System and Naftali Bennett can take charge of Security/Defense.

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Esser Agaroth said...

The New Right is neither New nor Right.

"...Have you seen his so-called "plan?" (above) Did you know that he wanted to give many Arabs in Judea and Samaria autonomy, and to give still other Arabs Israeli citizenship? In a nutshell, Naftali Bennett's "New Right" Party is neither new nor right. What? No one remembers the Techiya Party? At leastthe Techiya Party opposed the Camp David Accords (1973) and the withdrawal from Sinai. By the way, does anyone care about the reduction of parental rights resulting from a law introduced by MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli (New Right)? "

I'll be voting for United Right, will ALL of its flaws, so that hopefully one member of Otzma Yehudit will get in, someone new.

We've already seen Bennett in action. No thanks!

Who to Vote for in the Upcoming Israeli Elections

Mr. Cohen said...

Vilna Gaon, Biur HaGra commentary
on Mishlei, chapter 11, verse 11:

“When G*D blesses the upright [yesharim],
meaning the righteous people who are also
intelligent, then the city is elevated, because
they lead the nation on the correct path [literally,
straight path], and the city is soon elevated.”





Batya said...

Esser, my dream party doesn't exist.

Mr. Cohen, Gd willing the MKs will rise to the challenge.