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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Shiloh, A Place of Great Beauty

As you know, I live in Shiloh. Some of you even know that I take walks, mostly for fitness. The other day my walking partner and I decided to change our route a bit. We took a short detour, right near our neighborhood, and it was such a treat.

Shiloh is in the center of the Biblical Heartland. It is mentioned many times in the Bible. We Jews have more connections to Shiloh than almost any other part of the Land of Israel. Only Jerusalem and may Hebron could have more.


Mr. Cohen said...

The Land of Israel is beautiful, even visually.

But the true beauty of the Land of Israel is spiritual:

the mitzvot that can only be done in the Land of Israel;
the extra holiness of the Land of Israel;
the power of prayers recited in the Land of Israel;
and the unique potential for prophecy
that only exists in the Land of Israel.

When did Jews live in the Holy Land?
by Mr. Cohen

From the year 132 to year 136 of the Common Era,
Jews who lived in the Holy Land revolted against
the rule of the Roman Empire.

This revolt was called the Bar Kokhba revolt,
named after the person who led that revolt.

At that time, the Roman Empire was still a
united empire that had not yet divided into the
Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire.



In the year 351 of the Common Era,
Jews who lived in the Holy Land revolted
against the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire:



From the year 602 to year 628 of the
Common Era, Jews who lived in the
Holy Land revolted against the rule
of the Byzantine Empire:



In the year 1095 of the Common Era,
the Crusaders of Christian Europe
reached the Holy Land, where they
found and killed many Jews:

Saint Louis University Professor
Thomas F. Madden, author of:
A Concise History of the Crusades,
claims the "Jewish Defenders" of the
city [Jerusalem] knew the rules of
warfare and retreated to their synagogue
to "prepare for death" since the
Crusaders had breached the outer walls.



For more answers to the question
“When did Jews live in the Holy Land?” please go to:




Who are the Palestinians?



Batya said...