Wednesday, August 9, 2017

They are back! *I May Stop Blogging on Arutz 7 and Other Blogging News

I'm one of the most veteran bloggers on Arutz 7. And I've probably blogged more posts/articles there than anyone else. And until a short while ago, when they used to feature the six most popular blog posts and at least two and even four were usually mine.

From the time Arutz 7 started their "bloggers column," they had always featured it on the main page of the site. That made it easy for readers to know that we bloggers exist. Even until very recently, when I'd meet people the first time, they'd say that they read my articles on Arutz 7. I remember way back when, accompanying a couple of Nefesh B'Nefesh flights as a journalist, olim told me that they knew me from my Arutz 7 blog.

But that is no more. Arutz 7 has changed more than the graphics on its site. First I noticed that clicking "Blog tag" no longer gave you the "top six" blog posts. And now you can't even find blog posts on the main page of Arutz 7. You have to click either the tab in the upper menu banner or at the very bottom.

You should know that we bloggers do not get paid. We do Arutz 7 a favor by contributing our articles for free, and they do us a favor by giving us a forum to post them. But now that the "forum" is hidden from easy access, it's not a very good deal for us.

When Times of Israel first began publication I blogged for them, but then I stopped. They annoyed me with all sorts of rules, such as insisting on "original material," as if they were paying us for writing. I got fed up, especially when they took down posts of mine. It would have had been different if they had paid me, but you must remember that bloggers do these publications a service. I stopped, and afterwards was glad.

So now, I may not bother blogging on Arutz 7. I still have all of my own blogs. The Jewish Press has permission to post my material. And recently a new internet magazine has opened which davka promotes bloggers, Israel Blogger. I've been blogging for them, as you can see here.

What do you think?

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Mr. Cohen said...


If you have a problem with Arutz 7,
then talk to their editor.

Forgotten Oppression against Jews:
American anti-Semitism:

A Soldier's Mother said...

We love you posting on Israel Blogger!

goyisherebbe said...

In general the quality of the English Arutz-7 has gone down. I don't know if it was when Hillel Fendel stopped being the editor or after that, but there is more stupid filler and low-level degree of understanding by many of the writers. I haven't analyzed it carefully, but I feel very strongly that it has become cheaper and more sensational. Some stuff that doesn't belong on a frum Jewish venue crops up from time to time. They should monitor comments as well. Look for other places to post and keep it up! Get the word out!

Netivotgirl said...

I totally agree with goyisherebbe's words. The site is NOT as good (or suitable for a frum audience with some of its content,) as it used to be. YOU'RE doing them a favor. Drop them and let's see how many people write asking, "Where's Batya gone??" I LOVE your posts as you know!! You serve a holy mission by getting the truth out there!! But if you're so hard to find, perhaps you're unappreciated by those in charge. I'll just continue reading you on Israel Blogger, Be'H!! In the end, it's your decision. Do what feels right for you!

Batya said...

Paula, Goyish and NG, thank you so much. I know you all personally and know that you understand how much effort and thought I put into my writing. I take my blogging seriously, and recently it has been getting harder and harder to keep up my daily blogging.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I agree with your above commenters in regard to Arutz 7. They definitely have changed a while back; they no longer seem to care about catering to the Torah Jew or about a real Jewish Israel. They are now 'international', it appears.

Batya said...

a, yes, I've noticed some strange things like sensationalist schnorrer pieces masquerading as news.

Rochel Sylvetsky רחל סילבצקי said...

All of the above should have been written to the editor - or even to me, the Senior Consultant for the English site. We take criticsm seriously, especially from core readership. After all, A7 is clearly rightist as opposed to TOI and the most read voice of Yesha which gets to a much wider public than the Jewish Press. You don't want to hurt that - and it's the reason I worked without pay for 5 years as managing editor when they were in financial straits and continue on for the last few years for a pittance. Now for the issues: A7 has the right to try out new ways of reporting, new page graphics etc. hoping to get more readers, it can even (altho I didn't like it) need funds and post thinly disguised schnorrer pieces. It also changes back if it sees that the ideas weren't so great. You have probably noticed that the blogs are back, the Torah pieces are back to 4 and not 2 (which they had been for a while), the format is changed to a clearer one and the schnorrers are mostly gone. There has to be some broader news to get a broader spectrum of readers, but we are fighting the good fight on Yesha, Orthodoxy, 'netiyot' - look at the expose on Achvat Amim, we fought for Or Etzion pre-mil. h.s., we were first to post the Neda Amin story prominently, etc. etc.So send your suggestions and don't knock your own without trying to change them first. I love your blogs too!!

Batya said...

Rochel, thanks for answering. I don't have your email, or I would have written. If you noticed I did add to the title of this when the blogs finally returned. I have other suggestions, so please contact me so we can talk.

Unknown said...

It seems they have also removed the ability to comment on any article posted.
I sent a question to A7 with zero response about the comment issue.
Time to find another source of news from Israel, im sick of looking at swastikas splashed all over the page whenever anti-semitism is mentioned from any part of the world on A7.