Thursday, September 6, 2012

U.S.A. President Obama's "Leading From Behind," Like Using Israel as a "Human Shield" Against Iran

I wish I could photoshop or draw those better than words political cartoons.  Are there any takers out there?  Just please credit me with the idea, OK?  Whether Obama actually said it or not, calling the non-active "leadership" of the present United States Government "leading from behind" is just perfect. 

It's so totally different from the traditional Israeli "Acharai," "After me!"  With the leader in front not only taking the brunt of the blows, the biggest risks and forging the way, you can't help but to be inspired.

I picture the "leading from behind" as someone using a human shield to protect himself, having somebody else to blame when things go wrong, having somebody else take the blows and risks and responsibility.


Iranian Nuclear Progress …

Iranian Nuclear Progress …  
The uranium enrichment process seeks to raise levels of U-235, a rare isotope used to fuel bombs and reactors.
After years of Israel's warnings about the Iranian nuclear development and its threat to world peace instead of bombing/destroying it when it was small and unprotected enough the situation has gotten totally out of hand.  There are things you should just do and not talk about.  Successive Israeli Governments just look like nags instead of wise powers willing to act against dangers.

What we do keep hearing from United States President Barack Hussein Obama and other prominent Americans is that Iran is Israel's problem, a threat to Israel.  You don't hear that Iran is a threat to world peace and stability.  Israel is being held as a human shield against Iran.  That's the picture I wish I could create.

One of the reasons friends are giving for the importance of voting in American Presidential Elections is the danger to world peace Barack Hussein Obama (and his handlers) would be in a second term.  It still hasn't been revealed who had chosen and groomed him for the presidency.  Regardless of the "news" that Obama insisted on inserting references to Jerusalem and G-d in the Democratic Platform, his true feelings are with the original text.  He is not the ideologue of the party.  I consider him to be no more than an actor cast to be elected and play President.  Someone is controlling him; he isn't controlling events or policy.  Could it also be that his "leading from behind" is no more than following someone we don't see?  Draw that, somone, thanks.

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