Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arab Terrorists and Their International Enablers

Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers instructs us to learn from everyone, so I must admit that the seed to this post, the idea to call the United Nations, European , the United States and numerous international aid organizations and mistaken "idealistic" Leftist do-gooders "enablers" came from reading Harlan Coben's recent book "Shelter."  I don't know Coben's politics and hope that he doesn't have fits to discover that I'm crediting him with the idea for this post, since he used it in a totally different context.

What's an enabler?  It's someone, or in our context it could be an individual, or a family, a group, ideology, country or organization, that, although possibly unintentionally, encourages and/or makes possible the continuation of negative, dangerous, abusive, deadly or addictive behavior.
Every time somebody says they can understand the Arabs' "frustration" aka terrorism, they are acting as enablers.  They are making excuses for terrorist attacks, whether it be against individuals or nations.  I would expand this to Israeli "centrists" like Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who believes that by improving the Arabs' financial situation, raising their standard of living, they will reject terrorism
"We must weave an economic peace alongside a political process," Netanyahu said. "That means that we have to strengthen the moderate parts of the Palestinian economy by handing rapid growth in those area, rapid economic growth that gives a stake for peace for the ordinary Palestinians."
The basis of this philosophy/ideology is that it's poverty that is a legitimate and understandable cause of terrorist activity.

Creating excuses for terrorism justifies it, encourages it.

The truth about Arab terrorist leaders is that they usually come from the upper classes, the most educated.  Poor people are too busy trying to earn a living and are more pragmatic.  I see the Arab customers in Sha'ar Binyamin shopping in Rami Levy and Yafiz.  They are of the lower and middle class financially and educationally.  The upper-class can afford to shop in the fancy stores of Ramalla or go to Europe, Dubai, Kuwait and the United States.

Hat tip: IMRA
For example, the "PA Finance Minister," sic, recently asked  for aid to take over and develop land under Israel's control.
Minister of Finance Nabeel Kassis asked the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) meeting New York on Sunday to help the Palestinian Authority to reclaim area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli control.
If they do this the Ad-Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) is enabling the terrorists to defy international agreements and endanger Israel.  The division of the Land in Judea and Samaria was part of the 1993 Oslo Accords.   Admittedly, I totally oppose that agreement, because in the long run it's dangerous for the security and viability of the State of Israel.

Israel has suffered from Arab terrorism since before the State was even established in 1948, which obviously predates the 1967 Six Days War which resulted in the liberation by Israel of the Golan Heights (from Syria,) the Sinai (from Egypt,) the Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem (all from Jordan.)  During the nineteen 19 years that Jordan controlled those areas there was a population drain from all sectors.  Jordan did nothing to develop those areas.  Since June, 1967, under Israeli rule, the areas have thrived and Arabs do whatever they can to move there.

Immediately after the war Israeli Jews could safely travel all over Judea, Samaria, Golan etc.  The local Arabs accepted their military defeat.  It was only when the Israeli Leftist politicians, "thinkers," media and various international bodies encouraged the idea that Israeli rule was just temporary that the Arabs began to rebel against it and terrorize Jews.  With every "peace agreement" our security lessened.

So simply put, Appease aka Peace Now, their international supporters and all of those supporting Arab rule here are terrorist enablers.


Devorah said...

As I am a stickler for spelling, can you please correct Coban to coben? Thanks.

Batya said...

Devorah, and what about capitalization? I guess you're not a "stickler" for that, but thanks for the typo alert.

Alan said...

The Cabinet as a whole agreed to the emergency-financial-amelioration steps in favor of the PA. They did not do this because of any delusions about eliminating the "causes of terrorism"; they did it because real IDF & ISS commanders told them that the lid is in danger of being blown off the pot. Israel has not yet either (1) co-opted and transformed the PA population into Hebrew-language loyalists; nor (2) transferred them en masse across the River to be under the jurisdiction of the Amman regime. So therefor these Hebrew security organs have to keep note of and deal with, a hot pot of water. Now, as long water as the water is only simmering - at an averaged-cost-over-time of, say perhaps, 1 dead IDF soldier per 90 days, and no extraordinary Miluim callups.... it is a bearable cost and it starts to look like the least bad option. It successfully "normalizes the Occupation", as the Left likes to whine about. But if the water would start to boil vigorously: this becomes an emergency. And in the real world of people who ===do===, not merely ===blog===, avoiding emergencies looks like the best that can be done by real humans running real regimes. And the memoirs of history confirm that.

If you want to claim that allowing uninspected-Haifa maritime containers to reach PA Customs Officers, opens up an avenue for smuggling of arms to the PA.... I'm sure could also find Israel Customs Officers who will mention that the new procedure will also SHUT DOWN an existing pathway to folks who currently smuggle drugs in Haifa.

In real life, tradeoffs get balanced. Shana Tova.

Devorah said...

How about the second "Coban" in the post?
Thanks for a great blog that I enjoy reading. Wishing you and the family a happy and healthy new year.

Batya said...

Devorah, if I made money from this I'd hire you to spellcheck etc, but as a volunteer, all I can do is say thank you, double thanks!

Alan, bum deal.

Eliyahu S. said...

P'shita (obvious.)

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OK Eliyahu, so what do we do about it?